Hey ya’ll what’s shakin? I’m Caroline and I am co-founder of this wonderful blog, bean + nash. bean + nash is a combination of the thoughts, ideas, and finds of two girls, one living in Boston (bean) and the other in Nashville (nash). Together, bean + nash catalogues fashion trends, delicious recipes (mostly involving chocolate and/or kale, we’re trendy), cool places to go, things to do at said cool places, our general ramblings, and pictures! Pictures are the best part, we all know that.

Here are some things to know about 1/2 of this blog, nash:

I attend college in Nashville, Tennessee and am graduating this May (scary). I study Art History and Spanish, and also a little bit o’ business in the form of Corporate Strategy. Nashville is an amazing city and I have enjoyed exploring what it has to offer, whether it be restaurants, museums, or concerts (there are a lot of those – Music City holla at me). I like going to school in the South because it gives me a break from the norm and a new culture to experience.

I lived in Asia for the first eight years of my life, specifically in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. This childhood fostered a love for travel at an early age that continued to grow as I grew. My top travel destinations now are Africa (everywhere from Kenya to Cape Town), Chile, Istanbul, and Southern India. I’d also love to visit continental destinations such as Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.

I love fashion and design. Aside from travel, it is my other passion. I’ve dabbled in the industry, with retail experience at Madewell and an internship at L-atitude. Last summer I continued to test the waters with a merchandising internship at Oscar de la Renta. I also photographed street-style and wrote articles for the fashion blog, CollegeFashionista, which was an awesome way to expose the stylish students I was surrounded by everyday.

For me, bean + nash is a way to express and catalogue my ideas. I hope that our content is interesting and ever-changing and that our lovely readers come back for more! Enjoy!
Greetings, all. This is Gabby, reporting for blogger duty. During the spring of 2013, one of my best friends and I decided to start a blog. We’re young, creative, and have a ferocious appetite for life–and anything with nuts of any sort–so you know it must be good. Here are a few fun facts:

I’m a Foodie: My favorites? peanut butter, brussels sprouts, black beans, apples, pineapple, froyo, lentil soup, pesto, chocolate, and sweet potatoes. But mostly chocolate. Green juice if I’ve had too much chocolate. I also love to visit new restaurants, many of which I find on Instagram or blogs that we follow.

I Love to Be Active: Running, spinning, bikram yoga–you name it, I’ll try it. While some people have to take a nap or drink a coffee to make it through each day, I need to work out. It’s my favorite time to focus only on myself and to block out all stressors. The health benefits aren’t bad either!

I Am A YoPro: To those who don’t know, a yopro is a “young professional.” I studied marketing in college and would love to pursue a career in digital marketing, PR, SEO, and/or social media. All of these fields are evolving at a rapid pace, and I love keeping up. We’re living in a digital world, and I believe that with my professional and personal use of digital technologies, I can greatly benefit our ever-changing world.

I Love to Travel: My personal favorite cities are New York, Boston, LA, Sevilla, London, and Paris. I’d love to live in Boston, NY, LA, or SF after graduation. Stay tuned for an update!

I Am Passionate: I so enjoy developing content for this blog for each and every one of our readers. Whether we’re posting a recipe, reviewing a fitness studio, or blabbering about how single we still are, every piece of content is built with love and care.

My hope for bean + nash is that it is not only a creative outlet for me and my co-blogger, but that it also becomes an outlet for our readers. I aspire to create a website that people visit for advice, a good laugh, or just to kill time. I hope that we distract you from your worries and put a smile on your face. With that, I wish you happy reading.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so happy I found this blog! You girls seem so awesome, and the content/design of your blog is great! I’m a travel junkie myself. Caroline–Istanbul and many African countries are on my top travel list, as well, and I’m going to Austin in three weeks! Gabby–I love Boston, and peanut butter is a major food group in my diet. Keep it up, ladies!

    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

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