Madewell’s Labels b+n Loves

If you know anything about the humans behind bean and nash, you know that we love Madewell. In fact, Madewell really brought us together when we were #blessed to work there together a few years ago. Did we do much working? No. Did we do a lot of playing? Yes. To the point that they wouldn’t schedule us together and made us stand across the store from one another so that we wouldn’t talk. It was bad. But it was great.

Caroline and I have both loved Madewell for a very long time. As J.Crew’s younger and more hip sister, Madewell is for the ambitious yopro who must express her sense of fashion, and therefore her sense of self, no matter what situation she’s in. She’s not trying to follow every trend; she wants to look chic, feel comfortable, and exude confidence. It’s a great spot for office classics, casual Saturdays, and date night.

Now that I’ve done a psychoanalysis of the Madewell girl, let’s get into our favorite Madewell collabs. The brand partners with countless brands to offer its shoppers products that they can’t find anywhere else. We’re doing a quick rundown of our favorite Madewell collaborations; prepare to run to the closest Madewell as fast as you can say WHYISITSOHUMIDTODAY. You’ve been warned.

madewellsezaneMadewellxSézane, a French label designing a line for Madewell inspired by Paris and New York. Très chic. We’re obsessed with all things stripped and distressed here at b+n so this line is basically made for us. Just sayin’.

rachelcomeyxmadewellMadewellxRachel Comey, a designer we love for her dedication to creating clothes for real women with strong opinions and big aspirations. Which I hope is all of our female readers!

madewellxbrandsThis last shot isn’t dedicated to one designer in paticular; instead, it’s a quick roundup of some of our favorite Madewellxdesigner accessories. Madewell partners with amazing brands, some known and others totally new to us. Some of our faves? P.F. Candle Co., which makes candles in scents like teakwood and tobacco that make you feel like you’re in the middle of a summer campfire on the Hudson. Those Ulla Johnson heels? Put them on me right now and call me Cinderella. I’m dying to sip some hot chocolate out of that Golden Rabbit mug while writing to a friend on one of Sapling Press‘ hilarious cards.

Maybe for our next collab-focused post we’ll hit up J.Crew, because they do some of the best collabs known to man. Check them out here. You won’t regret it–though your wallet might. Happy shopping!



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