Tender: Tinder For Food

Guys. Guys. GUYS. I have a new app. And it might be the best app of all time. Keep in mind, this is coming from a girl who has almost no apps on her phone. Not only am I excited about this app, but I want YOU to be excited about it. Let’s chat about apps.

This is for the foodiest of foodies aka my *people*. I first read about Tender on BostInno and downloaded it .6 seconds later. Then I started using it and loved it and thought to myself, my people need to know about this. They will die for it. SO at this point you’re probably wondering what in the world Tender is, right?

Okay, stop being grossed out that it’s named Tender. We’re all adults here. Let’s act like it.

Well, it’s Tinder but for FOOD. The whole idea of Tinder is that you swipe left on those who you don’t care for and right on those who you’d like to, let’s say ‘form a relationship’ with. On Tender, you’re faced with pictures of delicious dishes from around the world. If you swipe left, you’re done with the dish and never have to see it again. I plan on doing that with dishes including beets. But if you swipe right, the dish is stored in your ‘cookbook,’ where you can go to find all of the dishes that you’ve liked and their recipes. Love a dish that you made and are dying to share the recipe with your bff? It’s easy to share the recipe directly from the app instead of having to search for it online or find a similar recipe.


Honestly, it sounds like this is a sponsored post but I swear it’s not. The app is great for when you’re bored on public transportation and trying to think of what to make for dinner this week, for when you’re feeling gastronomically creative but don’t know what to make, and/or for when you feel like torturing yourself by looking at delicious food. The best part? Tender is free. AND it’s Boston-based. So hey, postgrads and yuccies alike, get to downloading!


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