Musings #10

Hey friends!!! I hope everyone is having a great January (we’re halfway through it!). If you’re reading this and are still in school, we’re now in the blissful two-ish weeks of school before things get serious. Real assignments haven’t been given yet (for most of us), and everyone is happy to be back with their friends and on campus! If you are in the working world, January means the beginning of a very busy two to three months. This January, I am appreciating the college version of this month, aka doing minimal schoolwork and maximum Netflix watching and socializing. In a year I will be on the other side of this, and (hopefully) at a desk somewhere in some city and working! ay..

Until school gets harder and work tapers off, here are some links to keep you busy!

This necklace and this necklace. These necklaces are everyday pieces that you can layer up or wear solo. They’re just the right amount of ~~sparkle~~.


This recipe for Molasses Ginger cookies with chocolate chunks! I love ginger cookies…annnddd I love chocolate. Simple.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.07.31 PMThis haircut. I really want to do something “different” and “edgy” and I always get the same haircut…aka 1 inch off. No one notices, my ends are cleaner, but I’m left feeling bored. I’ve been seeing this different version of a bob all over and I’m thinking that maybe my next trip to the salon might be different! 😉 😉

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.10.17 PM

These amazing homes in Los Angeles. Makes me want to move there tomorrow.


This remix of Beggin for Thread by Banks. SO GOOD.

This ear hugger by Catbird. Equally as beautiful and understated as the aforementioned simple gold necklaces.


This beanie from Urban. I love the added detail of the woven patch and the colors are so bright and pretty!


Lastly, these salad dressing recipes from Gab and my favorite food instagrammer, the Crunchy Radish. I love salads, but bottled dressings sometimes bring a good salad down. Homemade vinaigrettes are both healthier, cheaper, and tastier! What’s not to lose?


Have a great week (we’re almost to the weekend)!!!



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