Hung Up On

Good day, beautiful people. By now, most of us are back to school and trying to get back into the groove of things. By that I mean we’re delaying doing any work for as long as possible until we’re forced to be somewhat productive. If this isn’t you, then you’re doing it wrong.

In order to assist you in your quest for procrastination-worthy materials, here’s a list of the web’s best. Prepare for internet greatness.

My roommate just informed me that Abercrombie and Fitch took a much-needed step back, checked themselves before they wrecked themselves, and are now a changed company. I refused to believe her so I took a trip to their website to investigate. Low and behold, A&F has changed for the better, it appears! Their site is very Madewell, their sizes are actually accurate (my roommate ordered something in a medium that’s actually a medium), they’ve stopped printing mooses on everything, and their clothes are, dare I say it, cool. These pants, for example. I really, really like them. Two points for A&F.

Buzzfeed breathalyzed stars at the Golden Globes and I loved it.

Did you have a nap today? You need one. The sass. It’s everything.

For Christmas, Santa brought me a spiralizer and I couldn’t be happier. So far I’ve only made zucchini noodles but I have wonderful plans for the sweet potatoes on my kitchen counter. Go get you a spirializer and make these light and delish recipes.


Thing I’m newly obsessed with and think is adorable: Bill Cunningham’s (think NY Times Sunday Styles) videos that feature his commentary on the trends of the season!

Ginger sweet potato dal with coconut leeks. Now, please.

What to wear when you’re feeling lousy. Or as my roommate likes to say, blonky, pronounced blahn-kee.


Indian turkey meatballs over rice. Yaaaas.

Lightened up Italian recipes because you’re crazy if you don’t enjoy Italian food.

The perfect French-inspired weekday lunch for when we’re all classy and fabulous yo-pros. Realistically, I’ll probably be bringing PB&J, but a gal can dream.

A comprehensive map of all the juice bars in New York City. Next time you’re boppin around the city and craving something #healthy, pull up this map to find the juice bar nearest to you.

What’s Chrissy Teigen’s ideal food day? How does she prep for a shoot? What’s in her fridge? All the answers to your questions about this hilarious beauty right here.

The perfect snack for weight loss. For all of those new years resolvers!

Bulletproof coffee…what are our feelings on it? It’s just your average coffee…with a pat of butter mixed in. Thoughts? Reactions? Disgust? Excitement? If you want to try, the guy who started the movement toward fatty coffee is opening a Bulletproof Coffee Cafe in LA in February. I’m of the opinion that I’d rather consume butter in a cookie or cake or something of that nature. But keep doing you, butter coffee. I respect your hustle.





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