Pan Roasted Brown Butter Brussels With Pecans

There’s a tongue twister, eh? Try saying “pan roasted brown butter brussels sprouted with toasted pecans” three times fast. One, two, three, GO! How many seconds did it take before you were jumbling and mumbling and getting all sorts of confused and tongue tied? Not to worry, what’s more important than saying the name of this recipe is gobbling it up.

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These brussels are so de-yum-tious scrumptious that I made them on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. They feel healthy cause brussels sprouts but have a touch of indulgence with the brown butter and toasted pecans, which work together to add a warm, nutty, cozy feeling. What’s better, honestly?

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They’re super easy to make. The pecans take no more than five minutes toasting in a pan until you toss them in a bowl. The brown butter is simple even though it sounds tough; just place the butter in a small pan, whisk it fairly constantly until it melts and starts to brown (thus making it brown butter), and turn off the heat until your brussels are ready to be smothered in deliciousness. The shallots and garlic caramelize and sweeten, which is basically my favorite thing in the world. I’m all about caramelized anything. The brussels sprouts, our pièce de résistance, cook through and develop a crisp, sweet, and dare I say it caramelized crust that is good enough to make any carnivore turn vegetarian for a meal.

Make these following this recipe before the year is over. And by that I mean make them today or tomorrow because the year is nearly up! Cheers to that.



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