Week In Review

I know it’s Monday and Monday sucks but I’m going to go ahead and say HAPPY MONDAY! If you’re reading this then that means you woke up this morning, which is the hardest part of the week if you ask me. So kudos to those who have awoken. To those who have not: get your asses out of bed and do something with yourselves. To ease you into the week, here’s a lil summary of last week’s silliness! Want to hear something sad? This week is our last living in the city šŸ˜¦ *tear tear* Enjoy these posts while they last, people.

Monday and Tuesday- work. sleep. eat. gym. Not in that order. Not very exciting. MOVING ON.

Wednesday-To get us over the midweek hump, Caroline and I headed to Rubirosa, a restaurant in Soho that’s supposed to have the best. pizza. ever. And let me confirm: IT IS THE BEST PIZZA EVER. Thin, crispy crust, melted mozz, chill restaurant atmosphere, great arugula salad. We ordered the tie dye pizza, with tomato sauce, mozz, and pesto; we topped it with broccoli rabe because duh. It blew our minds and was totally worth the wait. Upon exiting the restaurant, we were met with pouring rain. Like, not the normal pour. Raining-cats-and-dogs-felt-like-we-were-in-a-shower-insane rain. Luckily, we were able to hail a cab to take us to froyo near our apartment.

Thursday-Although there was no dining out on Thursday, we’ve got some pretty pics from our simple dinners. Laziness is our forte at b+n, so we often end up just having yogurt with fixins and an apple with PB for dinner. Simplicity is bliss. Caroline’s peach-blueb-walnut bowl and peanut butter-blueb toast did not disappoint, whileĀ my strawb-walnut-raisin bowl was the tops. Okay, maybe we would be better off eating salads or something a little more full for dinner, but sometimes you’ve just got to do the yogurt thang. We’re getting too lazy to make eggs. Pathetic, we know.


Friday-Since I don’t work on Fridays (aka heaven), I love to do some exploring on the day when the streets are a little emptier than a Saturday. I ventured to the Upper West Side to run an errand and stopped at LevainĀ to pick up cookies for my parents. This was followed by too much walking around the UWS and a subway ride back downtown to hit up Bowery Coffee. I’ve been following this guideĀ and trying to hit all of the cool coffee places before our time here is over.Ā For dinner, we celebrated restaurant week and met my parents at Spice Market for what was arguably the best meal I’veĀ ever had. If you go, order the ginger margarita. Don’t be dumb; just order it.

Saturday-My failed attempt at purchasing a new running armband uptown on Friday caused us to revisitĀ the UWS on Saturday. We stopped at Organic Avenue for a juice and lunch, where I enjoyed the curried cabbage salad and Caroline hated her banh mi collard wrap. HAHA. It was veggies wrapped in veggies. Show me a way to makeĀ that taste good and I’ll show you a flying pig. This wrap reminded us of how delicious unhealthy food truly is. After our slightly disappointing lunch, we headed to JuicePress and Toby’s Estate Coffee, the latter of which we couldn’t initially find because hip coffee places are usually more secretly located. Not Toby’s; it was right on 5th Ave, connected to a Club Monaco and The Strand. Not hidden at all. Does that make it less cool? We stopped at the Union Square Greenmarket on the way home where Caroline enjoyed a carrot cake cookie/scone from here. It was vegan, which basically makes it healthy as a carrot.

Sunday-We got an early start on the day and decided to try for brunch at Penelope, one of the best-known bruncheries in the city. Alas, at 10AM there was still an hour wait. WHY?! Probably because they have nutella french toast, tbh. We ended up eating at Lalisse, a restaurant across from Penelope. After grocery shopping and being somewhat productive, we strolled to Venus by Maria Tash for jewels. Their products are high-quality and totally worth the pricier tag. Venus was followed with a walk to Two Hands, a new coffee placeĀ in Little Italy. We enjoyed a cold brew with almond milk and a juice, both of which were divine. The month-old cafe is owned by Australians, so everyone working there was beautiful. I kid you not; when one of the owners came up to me to inform me that there were no carrots for juicing and would I like something else, my heart almost stopped. He could have told me that there was a fire in the building and I still would have wanted to stare at him for days.
twohands1twohands2Have a wonderful week, lads and lassies!


PS. Top 10 tips for dining out anywhere. Apparently hummus is a carb, which is alarming since we saw it as a protein and eat it with everything. This sucks.


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