I’m Hung Up On

It’s Thursday. You’ve almost made it. Keep pushing through! Roughly 36 hours until we’re all free! You know what you should do to spice up the day? Check out these awesome links, that’s what. And maybe get yourself some pizza or froyo for making it through the week. I’m giving you a virtual pat on the back and permission to indulge. Maybe you didn’t want/need my permission, but you’ve got it. You’re welcome! Now join me on a journey through the land of the links…

The trailer. Is here. I don’t care if the writing was bad and if they say the books had no true plot. I unashamedly read Fifth Shades of Grey (yes, all 3 of them) and loved them. IF THEY HATE THEN LET ‘EM HATE AND WATCH THE MONEY PILE UP. For those of you who care, here’s the trailer to the movie, which comes out on Valentine’s Day. Bey sings a hawt version of ‘Crazy In Love,’ which I’m so down with. I usually want a valentine to do something cute with, but this year I’m excited for no one to ask me to do anything so that I can see the movie with my best friends. Sorry to all my suitors (HA), maybe next Valentine’s Day.

I see I’m not the only American who is obsessed with peanut butter

Well, I was a real fan of cleaning my ears with Q-tips until I read this.

How many brand names did Sex and the City drop? All of them. This compilation kills me, especially at 1:27. CLOROX.

Blake Lively has a lifestyle website! PRAISE BE TO THE GODS! I hope it’s not as annoying as Gwyn’s

This article on balancing booze and exercise hits the nail on my head. I’m not sure I’ve ever agreed with an R29 article more. PS, will you hire me please?

These look good but honestly seem like 100% too much work. Who has time to soak almonds and let them ‘dehydrate until crisp?’ Do less.

Loving this song and Matthew Koma in general. Who is he and when did he become everyone’s fave collaborator? Believe it or not, he does have a song or two of his own.

Beyoncé voters. I’m on board.

Okay, I would make these thai mango cabbage lettuce wraps with chicken since I’m not really into tofu. Apparently it’s shrinking our brains?

These boots. Need 100 times over. Better in person.

If I don’t go here I think I’ll die. Keel over and die.

Feed me all the things. LOL do you guys think I like chocolate and bananas and sugar enough? I’m not sure.

Hoping you all kick Friday in the tuckus!




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