RocksBox Your Socks Off

Accessories are the bomb dot com. Shoes, bags, hats, scarves, belts, and jewelry all take looks to the next level by adding detail and sass to your outfits. Though shoes are a close second, jewelry wins me over time after time as my favorite and most frequent choice of accessory. My love for jewelry spans from every day, delicate rings and necklaces to statement cuffs and eye-catching earrings. Mixing metals, materials, and styles are my favorite part of putting together my daily looks.

The bling, however, costs $bucks$, and between #bnapt trips to Trader Joe’s, post-work dinners and drinks, and gym memberships, the green stuff is running pretty thin. Luckily for Bean and Nash, an old friend recently started began for the coolest company, RocksBox. RocksBox is kind of like borrowing a dress from Rent the Runway or renting a DVD from Netflix (sorry but who does this anymore, it’s called live streaming), but for jewelry and much much better. The website sends you jewelry, everything from drop earrings to stacking rings, every month. You pay a membership fee, but get to wear the jewelry as often as you like and return it when you want. When you return it, RocksBox sends you another selection of beautiful gems.

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When you sign up, you fill out a detailed style survey that asks you questions about where you shop, what you like to wear, the places you work and like to hang out, whether your style is preppy, glam, or classic, etc., and every question in between. When your box of jewelry arrives at your doorstep, it is perfectly curated to your taste and desires. Essentially, RocksBox is your personal jewelry stylist.
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Gab and I were lucky enough to receive 3 complementary months of this wonderful service. Our boxes arrived within days of setting our preferences and we haven’t taken the jewelry off since. My box included angular gold drop earrings, a delicate druzy necklace (also wearing and haven’t taken off/will probably buy), and a classic bangle. Gab’s had amazing House of Harlow earrings, a nautical and simple necklace, and an understated stone ring (perfect on ring and index finger).

This is seriously the COOLest idea and RocksBox as a company works efficiently, smoothly, and takes your interests and thoughts into account. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our jewelry and can’t wait to see what our next boxes have inside.

Stay tuned!!



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