Week In Review

Hola chicks and chicos. First of all – HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! Bean + Nash are huge fans of the cold stuff and you better be celebrating today with a cone or cup of heaven. Lula’s and Sundaes and Cones have helped us celebrate all week (see below).

I hope your weeks and weekends were splendid – restful, social, and wonderful. We are currently reclined watching Sex and the City (the movie, obviously), and discussing how to cross as many items off of our bucket list as possible in the next two weeks. We’ve been doing pretty well, but have a lot to cover before we (unfortunately) move out.

The weekdays themselves were pretty uneventful, per usual. Work days followed by 5 minute dinners and Scandal (sh*t hits the fan in the 3rd season peeps). On Thursday night we went with a friend to Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings, a new place that opened up super close to #bnapt! There are currently only three types, a pork, chicken, and vegetable, so we decided to try them all and MAN were they ~~delish~~. Ice cream at Lula’s was dessert and you can criticize vegan ice cream all you like, but there was hardly a difference. Peanut butter ice cream made with cashew milk is still pretty damn good.

Friday and Saturday were spent at our respective homes. We each returned for a day to chill avoid doing our own laundry. Sunday started with grocery shopping at Whole Foods AND Trader Joe’s; real commitment to what goes in your fridge is visiting not one but two grocery stores. After groceries came brunch at a cool 3 pm. We’ve heard great things about The Butcher’s Daughter, so we decided to try that out. The whole menu is vegetarian and dairy free, so overall it was a pretty guilt-free brunch (ish). Gab got the spicy kale caesar and iced early grey, and I got smashed avocado toast benedict and iced coffee with almond milk. Everything was G-R-E-A-T, fo real.
butchdaughBrunch was followed by walking around downtown, shoe shopping, and browsing the racks of the Piperlime store (literally salivating over everything there). More walking led us to Stumptown Roasters where Gab enjoyed a Mast Brothers iced mocha with almond milk (trendy AF we know).


Overall, pretty solid weekend of being lazy, somewhat social, and definitely well-fed. Have a great week and check in next weekend folks!





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