I’m Hung Up On

Before I throw some incredible links at you, let’s talk about how July is already half over. Where did the summer go?! Where did life go?! What is happening?! The faster July ends, the sooner August will be here, the sooner we’ll be doing school work, the sooner we will graduate, the sooner we will get jobs, the sooner we will get married, the sooner we will have ki…never mind, I’m just going to stop right there before I get any more ahead of myself. Let’s just enjoy today and appreciate these links together, okay? Okay.

Gnocchi with brown butter cream sauce and kale. Because foods like this make life worth living. Side-note: do you think animals ever have thoughts like that? Like, ‘wow, this grass/beetle/algae/squirrel I’m eating really makes life worth living, it’s so good!’ Who knows.

These tee shirts kill me and I need to order them all 5 minutes ago.


This is my favorite restaurant review blog and their Instagram drives me *~~cray~~*

I’d love to visit this installation in LA. A house full of furniture from the Cold War era. While the US and Russia wanted to be different, they were essentially the same. Trippy.

My favorite food blogger is pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited. Is that weird? She actually inspired me to start this blog with Caroline. Her recipes keep me drooling while I laugh at her writing. Do you think she’d name the baby after me? Let us hope so. I basically want to be her bff/assistant/babysitter/child. Like, okay black and white ice cream sandwiches. I see you.


How different is parenting in China versus in the USA?

Digging this song lately. Good for office work, working out, subway rides, and general life. I hate that the artist uses the word ‘hotties’ in a serious manner but we can move past that.

You’ve probably seen this by now but I love Derek Jeter so I’m sharing too. Jordan’s new Re2pect video gives me the chills. Don’t leave us, Derek! Or at least don’t leave me and please be my husband and make me laugh and cuddle with me and love me.

Another fave food blogger. Bev has twin babies (lil’ cherubs) and posts the funniest pictures of them on Insta with awesome captions.


The healthy habits of Americans who consider themselves thriving. Are you thriving?

Caroline makes fun of me for liking this song but IDGAF it’s cute and the singer is a babe.

How would you react to this?

Because it’s summer and ice cream and brownies and all the things.

While we’re talking ice cream…these. I would eat them all. And probably dip them in peanut butter cause yolo, right? And I think they’re healthy? Idk, ask the thriving people.


This is horrifically true and Caroline and I experience it on the regular.


Have a wonderful hump day! You’re half way to the weekend. WOO!




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