Week In Review

Greetings, all. Hope you’re having a a fanTAStic Fourth of July Weekend! Caroline is in DC (is there a more appropriate place to celebrate this patriotic day?), and I am holding it down in NYC, doing some adventuring (and laundry).

We thought it would be fun if we did ‘week in review’ posts, mentioning the fun new spots that we visit during our relatively short time in the city. We’ll mention every food spot we hit (duh), the cool peeps we watch, and the activities that we take part in. Hope you enjoy!

*Note: only days during which actually cool/interesting activities took place will be mentioned in our little series. Super boring bleh days will just be skipped over. Are your really interested in hearing about our boring commutes and average nights spent on the couch watching Scandal? I didn’t think so.

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Friday/Saturday: I (Gabby) had the pleasure of enjoying the Yankees vs. Red Sox win from the very back rows of the stadium. Sure, our seats weren’t A++, but they did the job. I obviously bought a $12 mediocre beer BECAUSE I CAN. On Saturday, I moved into our *luxe* apartment and got comfortable. The virus gods decided to have a bit of fun with me and hit me with a terrible cold. Tbh, there are still discolored goodies evacuating my nose at an uncontrollable rate. I wasn’t feeling any real food on Saturday night, so I hit up Liquiteria, an incredible pressed juice and smoothie spot by our apartment. The ‘berry powerful’ smoothie was all I needed to feel a little better. And poorer.


Sunday: Caroline moved in. JOY! While I waited for her to arrive, I visited the Pride Parade (seen above).  There’s something about all the gays traipsing freely about NYC that makes you very proud to be a New Yorker. After Caroline moved in, we hit up Trader Joe’s for all the goods. Guilt-free guac was the first thing we purchased and is as incredible as it sounds. For dinner, we went to Jack’s Wife Freda. We ordered fried zucchini chips, greek salad, and vegetable curry bowl. All UNREAL. Make a reservation and go as soon as humanly possible. We followed it with celebratory froyo and then wanted to die from fullness. WORTH IT.


Monday: I had the pleasure of returning to work while Caroline had the week off. She spent her afternoon being productive at Happy Bones NYC, a cafe where she enjoyed the best iced almond milk latte of her life. While the cafe itself was the size of an average closet, the coffee was well worth the spacial squeeze.


Thursday: I had the day off, so Caroline and I hit the gym in the morning and followed it with a trip to Hu Kitchen, a restaurant/market that sells insanely healthy foods. All the paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, GMO-free goods that you could ever want for. Caroline bought snacks for her trip to DC and we both had juices. We were more than pleased. After sending Caroline off, I walked around way to much in the deadly New York heat. The only thing getting me through the walk was the Lululemon in Union Square, where I stocked up on a few items that I’d been wanting for too long. YAY.

wir2Friday (4th of July, yo!): #getfit#fitspo#sweat#smelly. A good friend from home raved about Cyc Fitness for too long, so I finally decided to give it a try. It’s a spin-gym, similar to SoulCycle or FlyWheel, but so much better. We took a class with Keoni, the owner of Cyc. The class was unreal and I don’t think I’ve sweat that much in a very long time. Weights and on-bike sit-ups were involved. It was especially awesome because Cyc feels like an actual club. The lights are dim, the music is loud, and everyone is sweating. I will be back, Cyc! We followed class with a trip to Liquiteria, the obvious choice for post-workout noms. After recovering from Cyc on our couch for a few hours, I got myself moving and stopped at Gasoline Alley Coffee for a drank. I highly recommend.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSaturday: Seemingly my 1000th day alone, Saturday began with a run through Central Park followed by Liquiteria (duh). After showering and packing a bag, I spent the afternoon reading people watching in Central Park. I was embarrassingly relieved to receive a text from my mom asking what I was doing that night; had my parents not come in to share dinner with me at Miss Lily’s (unreal Caribbean food), the night would definitely have been spent in the apartment looking for something decent to watch on TV. No shame in my antisocial game. *Please note the child who befriended me in Central Park. He is one year old and says ‘woof’ when dogs come near. Usually I really dislike kids but this one was different; we formed an UnBrEaKaBlE bond.


misslilysWho knows what this coming week holds! No US Soccer, that’s for sure 😦



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