Healthy Cookies? Health Yeah.

Hey, biddies. It’s officially summer and we’ve all got the summer fitness-health-beauty bug. Nobody wants to be the beached whale tanning on the sand, do they? I most certainly don’t. So we’re all back at the gym, doing sit-up after sit-up only to be followed by endless push-ups. We’re chugging green juices like it’s going out of style and shoving watery fruits and veggies down our throats faster than we can swallow.

But as much as we all want to look our best this summer, the season also means indulging and relaxing. Summer used to mean ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, and lemonade. Now summer is synonymous with cleanse and #fitspo. While being healthy is important, it’s crucial to treat yo’self a bit during these relaxing warmer months. But how, oh how, can we stay healthy and indulge at the same time?

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Worry not, my sweet spring chickens, for I give you these: three-ingredient super-healthy cookies. They’re basically like morning oatmeal in the form of a cookie. With some chocolate chips for good measure. The base ingredients are oats and mashed banana. THAT’S IT. But obviously ya girl adds walnuts and chocolate chips because oat-banana cookies alone would suck. In this batch, I baked half of my cookies with PB2 powder to add a peanut butter flavor without the peanut butter calories.

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So you can basically eat these for breakfast, snack, or dessert, depending on what you add to them. I would suggest adding blueberries and cinnamon instead of chocolate chips. They would be like blueberry banana muffins without a gazillion calories! Speaking of which, my mom should arrive at the apartment any minute for dinner and to drop off some of those muffins. *Whoops*

Follow this recipe to make these delicious, moist, guilt-free healthy cookies. I dare you to eat one straight out of the oven–I swear, it’ll change your life.

**Tips: use really ripe bananas; easy to mush and they’re sweeter! Also, be sure to refrigerate the cookies once they’re baked. I once made the mistake of leaving them out and they grew a nasty mold.

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