I’m Hung Up On (and two big announcements!)

Good Friday, beauties. We hope that you all had a wonderful last full week of June. WHERE DID THE TIME GO? Soon enough we will be #seniors then #graduates then #workingpeople and #poor. Can’t wait. To distract you from your woes about the future, here are the most fun of links. Enjoy them and our awesome announcements!

The 17 top selling items at Trader Joes. I would kill for number 12, my favorite Spanish snack.

Not going to lie, Kim K has been Killing it lately. Maybe Yeezy was just what she needed.

New fave food blog. And it’s run by a guy! I love it so much more for this reason.

It’s not porn; it’s HBO.

Beyoncé is back to HBO and I’m fine with it.

Swimsuit-friendly recipes. Does this mean I’m not limited to fruit and water anymore at the beach? Gotta beat that #bloat.

THESE BOOTS. THESE SANDALS. AND THESE SNEAKERS (I have an embarrassing love for glitter).

My new fave snack bars. EAT SOME.

This puppy tiring itself out from too much fun makes my heart want to explode.

Vegan coconut zucchini chocolate chip bread. I’m going to inhale it.

Gluten-free is taking over the world. I show no signs of quitting the gluten; mama loves her gluten.

Ben & Jerry’s is getting two new flavors and we inner fatties around the world rejoice!

13 of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Have you been?

Donuts to make you hangry.

 Smoked s’mores. WOAH.

We will eat at all the places! Because……

Announcement time! One: Caroline and I will be living in the city for the month of July! WOO. After searching for waaaaaay too long for apartments, we finally found the place that we hope is perfect for us. Pics to come, don’t worry kids.

Two: BEAN AND NASH IS GETTING A SUMMER HASHTAG! UKNOWULUVIT. What is it, you ask? #bnapt! Since we’re going to be living that aPaRtMeNt life and all. Look out for #bnapt foodstagrams, streetstagrams, fromwhereistandstagrams, and more -stagrams.

Lately…wine and cheese here, a lunchtime stroll, juice here, and appreciating some American architecture.



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