I’m Hung Up On

Hey hey hey beauties. I hope that wherever you’re reading this from, the sun is shining and you’re sitting outside sipping a drink and nomming on some tortilla chips, my personal favorite summer snack. It has rained here everyday so far this week. Take us back to Sevilla where the sun always shines, please. I made good use of the sun coming out for approximately 2.5 seconds today to wear my new sunnies. My old el cheapo pair broke on the plane back from Spain, which was a great excuse to upgrade. WOO.

In other news, I was called for the first time for jury duty today! I was dreading it at first, (missing any day of an 8-week internship sucks) but it turned out not to be so bad. I was quite entertained, actually. Obvi I can’t share the juicy details or I’ll go to jail, which I’d rather not do. Unless prison is like OITNB, in which case it looks kind of fun. Idk about you, but Tasty, Pussae, and Red seem pretty cool to me. I was dismissed fairly early, so I had my entire afternoon to enjoy. Hip hip, horray! I obviously spent my time watching this movie (so sad and violent that I had to look away at certain points) and surfing the world wide web. Here are the results of my boredom. ENJOY!

Louis CK telling racism like it is. SO funny.

My dad and I are doing this challenge. Join us if you dare! It’s okay that you’re a little late. Ugh, this reminds me that I haven’t done my pushups for the day…


Would you wear this to the gym? I don’t think I have the confidence to rock that look.

SoulCycle is offering fitness classes in East Hampton this summer! As much fun as that sounds, I definitely would not pay the hefty price. I could buy multiple green smoothies for that $$$.

My absolute favorite new Instagram account. Preaching the word of girls who actually eat their food everywhere.

Could this be the new Lulu?

Idk what sorghum is, but I’d be down to eat it if served like this.

BRB I’ll be freaking out over these for the next 29 hours. Actually bugging out.

This greek cucumber salad with lemon and feta would be good to eat before those brownies.

#1 skirt that I need. Tried it on last week and LOVED but decided to be a responsible adult and hold off. I did buy these, though.

Favorite playlists of late: here, here, and here.


PS. Life lately: Lunch of sweet potato and sautéed carrots, brussels sprouts, and craisins, lazy girl guacamole, smoothie goodness, dinner here, lunch here, and the walk to work.




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