From Munich to Paris (plus a beach)

Bonjour, guten tag and hola! Three greetings to cover the three places I’ve been during the month of May! I’m currently in the “middle of” “finals” here in Sevilla, but you would never guess that 1. based on how much work they require 2. based on how much traveling I’ve been squeezing in. I started May in Munich to celebrate Springfest, the cute little mini version of Oktoberfest that no one seems to know about. I can assure you it definitely does exist and consists of the same huge tents and 10 euro beers as it’s older brother in October. Aside from the priciness of the beers, the entire event was awesome. I had never been to Germany and found the accent hilarious, the people incredibly nice and the beer, well, german? I don’t know how to describe good beer, I’ve been living off solely red wine in España. Activities other than the beer tents included a bike tour which was a great way to get to know the city, a trip to their indoor market, and a tour of Dachau, the concentration camp located in the outskirts of Munich. There aren’t words to express the experience at Dachau but I am very thankful I went and was exposed to at least of little of the tragic history that effected so many people.

Overall, Munich was an amazing city and one that I would definitely love to return to. I would have liked to explore more of Germany but I guess that’s what the future is for right?

munich1 The weekend after Munich, my friend and I traveled to Mallorca, located off the eastern coast of Spain in the Balearic Islands (the other islands are Menorca and I-B-I-Z-A, que loco). Mallorca was, not shockingly, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. My friend has family there and we got a tour from the locals of the city, its best restaurants, and the most serene beaches. Mallorca has a very distinct and special island feel, and all the people there are happy and at ease with themselves and their surroundings. To me, nothing sounds better then owning a small apartment and tiny boat in Palma and taking life one day at a time. I am buying tickets for the Spanish lottery after I write this.

mallorca1 mallorca2


My last trip was this past weekend and I met a friend from home in Paris! I have been to Paris before so got to skip all the more time consuming tourist attractions, such as the Louvre (s/o to my girl the Mona Lisa sorry I couldn’t check in), the Musée d’Orsay and climbing the Eiffel tower. For some reason, however, this trip to Paris struck a chord in me and I fell in love with the city. My mom, who is fluent in French and Paris-obsessed, is probably crying somewhere that I’m finally admitting how much I love her favorite city in the world. Everything was beautiful – the people, the buildings, the fashion, the food, the art, the culture, the f*cking sidewalk LITERALLY the whole city just got me. I must find some way to live there which might involve learning French but I’m working on getting around that detail.





Some of the activities my friend and I did do were the Cluny museum, lunch at Les Deux Magots, a visit to Shakespeare and Co, picnics at Sacré Coeur and the Eiffel tower, the Rodin museum, ice cream on Île Saint-Louis, tea at Les Mariage Frères, thrift shoppin in Le Marais, macaroons at Pierré Herme, a stroll through the Luxemboug Gardens, and many delicious dinners and bottles of wine. Good weekend? Eh, I’d say so.




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America in t-minus 10 days. Get the Kleenex ready.




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