I’m Hung Up On

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re still sitting in bed reviewing pictures form last night and deciding what Instagram filters to put on them. You definitely are. But don’t be late for brunch! Brunch is essential. We’re not having brunch here in Sevilla; instead, we’re studying for finals. Or I am, at least. Blah, right? Blogging is a great way to procrastinate, so I present to you a list of random links that I’ve saved up for you. Enjoy!

PS. This is the last post I’ll be writing from Spain. See you in 6 days, America! **Tear**


9 habits of people with a healthy relationship to exercise. How would you categorize yourself?

This is everyday life in Spain. Don’t worry, it’s in english.

Lentil chickpea veggie burgers with avocado green harissa. I frickin’ can’t.

Almond torte mascarpone ice cream. GIMME. Speaking of How Sweet It Is (my favorite cooking blog), I’m buying her book ASAP.

Can’t stop listening to this song, help.

Or this one.

Places we will be visiting this summer.

I’m making these double chocolate cookies as soon as I enter my house.

I just started this book. Have you read it? Thoughts? I’m not a crazy HP fan so I’m a bit hesitant.

What would you expect to find in a baker’s fridge? Butter and sugar and flour delight? You might be surprised.

Blake Lively, you’re too beautiful for us.

When can I have a wedding like this?

We’re thinking about doing this cleanse when we get back to the US of A. Chocolate is allowed so I’m in.

This might be my favorite meal that my host mom made for me and she’s making it this week! I. Am. So. Excited.

My favorite Instagram account. I LOL every time.

-G (for the last time in our beloved Sevilla)


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