The Best of the Wurst

Hallo, hallo, hallo! How are you all on this wonderful Monday? I’m currently sweating it out in class where the AC is off and it’s 90 degrees outside. For real. Not so enjoyable. BUT it’s my last week of classes here in Sevilla so I will only suffer through 3 more days of over-heated classrooms until finals and my trip home! Bittersweet to say the least. I was able to escape the heat on my last trip of the semester last weekend in Germany, where it was in the 50s/60s and rainy. Ordinarily, I am not a fan of rain. Who is, really? It’s only fun if you’re at home watching a movie, drinking hot chocolate or a chai latte, and snuggled in your bed. Luckily, the rain was light which meant that walking around Munich and Berlin was a go! See below for pics and a rundown of the long weekend.

First on the agenda was Munich. I had less than 24 hours there, so I basically walked as much as I could until I gave up, got ice cream, and went to bed. That being said, I have essentially no idea what I was seeing. HA. But it was all beautiful! Especially a delicious sausage that I ate in about .4 seconds.


germany2I immediately visited the Vikualienmarkt Munich, which is an amazing outdoor market. I feasted on juice and a sausage (classic combo, right?). I highly recommend a visit there for anyone who likes food and/or people, which I assume is all of you.germany3See the lovely sausage sandwich and a bunch of beer barrels. Typical Germany.


germany5(In the middle photo ^^ I walked through gardens that I don’t know the name of and loved every minute of it.)

germany6Ask me what the name of any of these places are–I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it.

germany7The picture on the left is my breakfast from Friday morning. I noticed MyMuesli when I was walking near the market on Thursday and made a mental note to try it the next day. It did not disappoint. That not-so-pretty middle photo is currywurst from Curry61, an institution in Berlin. One of my checklist items in Germany was so try it and I am pleased to say that I not only tried it but enjoyed it. On the right is a giant Oreo cookie/whoopie pie sandwich that my aunt made on Sunday before I left. The picture doesn’t do it justice; the moist cookie paired perfectly with it’s thick, cool icing filling. It was the size of my entire palm and I ate it all. So, so good.

On Friday evening, I arrived in Berlin. I have family there, so I was lucky enough to stay with them and have them tour me around the historical city. My aunt warned me that Berlin isn’t exactly pretty and she was right to a certain extent. Berlin is fairly new because much of it was rebuilt after World War Two (TBT); however, some landmarks still stand in between modern buildings in the city. It’s a wonderful mix of new and old architecture that left me hunting for old gems in a city of modernity.

germany8On Saturday night, we went to what seemed like the more hipster and artistic part of Berlin. Couldn’t tell you what it was called, soooorrrrryyyyy. We saw a variety show that featured acrobats doing all sorts of crazy stunts. I left wishing that I was more flexible, adventurous, and generally badass.


Hope you enjoyed this less-than informative post with pretty pictures. Look out for Caroline’s post on her recent travels in the near future!

Love you like XO.



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