Happy Feria, my good people! This week is our second round of spring break here in Sevilla because of Feria de Abril. It’s a huge fair that began in the mid 1800s as a place to trade cows, sheep, and other sorts of livestock. The farmers needed a place to stay at night, so they built casetas, which are little tents. Fast-forward 150 years and the casetas are still around, but now they’re exclusive spots to go for drinks, dancing, and fun. Women wear their flamenco dresses (lol mine is currently in the washer) and men put on their jackets and ties. Expect a report on all the goods in the coming week or two!

In other news, I visited Portugal this past weekend! It was essentially a vacation from my vacation from my vacation. AKA I escaped Sevilla for a weekend of relaxation, only to return to a full week off from school in Sevilla, which is a vacation from real American life. Life is tough. We passed our time slathering on sunscreen, lounging on the beach, and admiring speedo’d beach-goers. Not a bad time if you ask me. Our hotel room had a full kitchen (unless you count our broken fridge and microwave…), so we cooked dinner for ourselves both nights! It was wonderful. Many frozen french fries were consumed, as it should be. I’m sorry that this isn’t the usual cultural post, but you’ll have to wait for our posts on Germany, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague for that. Though we did visit “The End of the World,” or at least what was thought to be the end of the world before Columbus was like “oh I found something new…” and we discovered that the world was indeed round. Enjoy!

portugal 1

A delicious late-lunch from here and our dinner on night 1. We also had broccoli and fish, but they were both pretty ugly and you wouldn’t want to see a picture of ugly food now would you?

portugal 2

portugal 3

portugal 4^^On the right is (was?) the end of the world!

Hoping you have a wonderful week!

PS. ¡¡¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!


2 thoughts on “Olá!

  1. Hi!
    My name is Shanay and I’ve been following your blog (which, by the way is one of my more frequented blogs haha thanks for all the good tips!) because I too happen to be studying abroad in Sevilla at El Prado. And I was wondering if your trip to Lagos was with discover excursions or we love Spain ?
    Thanks so much!

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