I’m Hung Up On

Happy Semana Santa, peeps! Get ready for a quick history lesson. Sevilla is popping off right now. If you’re not here, you don’t matter. I’m kidding, calm down. BUT the glorious city in which I live is famous for this week. Tourists (I don’t consider myself one because obvi I’ve lived here for 3 months which makes me a native) come from all over the world to watch the parades, if you can even call them that. Almost all of the churches here in Sevilla have brotherhoods, or hermanadades, which are passed down from generation to generation. During Semana Santa, the hermanadades carry (literally, with their bodies) out the statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus from their churches and parade them around Sevilla. It’s insane and like nothing I’ve ever experienced.


The pasos, seen above, weigh roughly two tons. Yes, you read that right. And don’t start thinking that a car pulls them. 30ish men are underneath the paso holding it on their necks. No, I’m not kidding. Like I said, it’s like nothing else in this world. I can’t explain all of SemSan because I don’t entirely understand it myself, but check this out for more info. Needless to say, I sweat my face off every time I leave my house to watch a paso because it’s so hot here. Lovely, right?


Here are some fun links to get you through this lovely Tuesday. Crossing my fingers that you don’t end up as sweaty as I undoubtedly will. Cheers.


I am obsessed with Buzzfeed quizzes. It’s becoming a problem.

The world’s toughest job. I don’t know if I’m up for it. Good thing I don’t have to apply yet!

A religious group based on Beyoncé. Sign. Me. Up. Thanks for this, Bethany.

Dark chocolate coconut macaroons. These would be real good.

Roasted cauliflower and farro salad with feta and avocado. All of my favorite things.

I’m sorry Kendall Jenner, but no. Stop trying to make this happen. It’s not going to happen.

This is very real.

Fitness tips from NYC athletes. I’m into it.

I’m kind of obsessed with Kiernan Shipka. We would get along well.

Hello, sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Welcome to my dreams.

I lovelovelove this blog. He shares so many delicious-sounding recipes! Now if only I could find someone to make them for me…

This is maybe my favorite thing about Spain. So simple and so good. Since I’m 21 now (woo!), I fully plan on buying wine when I’m home and mixing this up when I’ve got the thirst.

This made me laugh. I’m not such a fan of this animal myself–we coexist, I don’t particularly like or dislike them.



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