Sandal Season Is Upon Us

Good news: it seems that the snow is finally on spring break and that the sun is here to stay! WAHOO! In the great US of A, it’s still Spring and slowly warming up. It’s also Spring here in Sevilla; however, Spring is a little different in Southern Spain. This week, it was 80 degrees or above everyday. When Caroline and I met for coffee on Tuesday, we walked out of the cafe and literally could not breathe. It was a scorcher, at least by our standards. What’s painfully hilarious is that all of us Americans are sweating our faces off while Spaniards are still wearing pants and sweaters. Don’t they know it’s 90 degrees?

I guess not.

Early Summer in Sevsev has got me hunting for a new pair of sandals. One of my favorite fashion moments of the year is the transition from Spring to Summer because that usually means a new pair of shoes! THE THRILL! Here are a few pairs that I’ve been obsessing over lately. If only my bank account was bottomless and shipping to Spain didn’t take forever and a day…

sandals heeled

These A.P.C. wedges would be perfect for a casual night out with friends or cocktails under the sunset around 6PM. I’d like to be there right now. The leather wedge is a look I’ve been loving for such a long time. I adore this wedge and would love to wear it with the off-white shift dress that I bought from H&M recently. Here is a similar one! These strapped sandals would pair so well with a cocktail dress for a more elegant outing.

sandals 2

This awesome pair of gladiator sandals is calling my name. Imagine them with vintage cutoff Levi’s and a loose, airy tank top. If that doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what does. These flats have been my obsession since forever. Too bad my gross feet might look even grosser in them. Pity. These two-band sandals would be ideal for a casual Saturday stroll through the farmer’s market. WOW that sounds great.

sandals 3

I can’t explain why, but I’ve had a hankering for Birkenstocks lately. This could be caused by all of the walking that we do here in Europe; comfy shoes are essential. This second pair of blue snakeskin-print (not real snakeskin, chill PETA) is so fun. The pop of color would jazz up any plain outfit. Last but certainly not least, we’ve got these Joie sandals, which I’ve wanted since Cupcakes and Cashmere posted about them over a year ago. So basic and so wonderful.

I’d love to sip this fresh mint iced coffee while wearing one of these fabulous pairs of shoes. Mom, please have some waiting for me when you pick me up at the airport in May!



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