Bean and Nash Does Brunch

Dear readers, do you ever scroll through Instagram or read an article about the new amazing brunch spot in Brooklyn, or the health food restaurant that just opened in Soho? Well, we do. And we make lists. Below is our list of restaurants in the NYC area we plan on hmu-ing this summer. Below you can find short descriptions of the restaurants, cuisines, some pics, but most importantly, what we plan on ordering when we go. As usual, you can expect a great instapic of every place when we go this summer. Maybe our new hashtag should be #bneatseverything? Or #bnintern15? Consider this our food bucket list for summer 2014. Where would you go?

Five Leaves. If we ever make it out to get brunch in Brooklyn (doubtful, extremely doubtful), this will be one of our first stops. Things we would get? Ricotta pancakes aka deliciousness with honeycomb butter, strawberries, blueberries, and banana, served with 100% maple syrup. Or their Moroccan Scramble, scrambled eggs with sausage, spiced chickpeas, crushed avocado and grilled sourdough. Both options sound eh. And by eh we mean stuff our faces.


Jack’s Wife Freda. This place is constantly showing up on our Instagram feeds. Caro’s personal idol the Man Repeller is there all the time, as is Danielle of WeWoreWhat and just about every other cool person in NYC (it seems). Their breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus are pretty amazing. One day we might just camp out there and try something from each menu; it’s super hard to get a seat so this idea would work for multiple reasons. The owners are a husband-wife team from South Africa and Israel respectively (Jack and Freda are his grandparents). The cuisine has been described as “South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine,” basically delicious staple dishes all doctored up to be even more amazing. Things to get at brunch: Green Shakshuka, Rosewater Waffles, and Mint Lemonade or Cantaloupe mimosa. Lunch/Dinner: Greek salad, Peri-Peri Chicken, Fried Zucchini Chips, Jack’s Burger, and Baked Fruit Crisp. JUST READ THE MENU HERE.

jack2 jack1

Penelope. I tried going to brunch here once on a Saturday and walked in to a 2 hour wait…needless to say, I didn’t stay (don’t worry, got my brunch fix across the street), but that is just a testament to the food here. Their Nutella french toast is supposed to change lives. Also on the list to try: Punkin’ waffles and Penny egg sandwich (scrambled eggs with american cheese and pesto on a croissant or english muffin). Their brunch drink game is also on point. They serve up apple cider mimosas, pomegranate bellinis, and penny beer shandies. Since we will both finally be 21 this summer, this is particularly exciting. Go, but go early.


Hu Kitchen. Their philosophy is that they make food for humans. Food that is local, natural, and good for you. They’ve got juices galore (here’s lookin’ at you, carrot apple ginger), an oatmeal smoothie (Gabby’s dream in life), an amazing menu of sweets (which are healthy, right?), and absolutely incredible looking food. Hello, chili lime broccoli salad and curried sweet potatoes. We’re ready for it all.


Red Bamboo. A restaurant that makes all your favorite dishes, but in vegan form! Their focus is Asian cuisine, which is never a bad thing, but they also offer pastas, burgers, and mac and cheese. But vegan. They call themselves a vegetarian soul café and we can get down with that.

Oatmeals. When we found out about this place, both of us nearly had heart attacks. We tried to go over the summer, but the hours weren’t great with our schedules (intern life is tough). But honestly. Seriously. Liiiiterally. It’s a restaurant that only sells oatmeal. The way you want it. They have all types of milk and toppings and everything that you could ever want. For those who know Gabby, you know that she’s obsessed with oatmeal. She eats it everyday for breakfast and it’s often the best part of her day. When she finishes she’s usually a little very sad. She goes through phases with how she prepares it, but the current mixture is oats, milk, walnuts, banana, honey, and cinnamon. All she needs in life, ever.

Cafe Gitane. Just look at their breakfast smoothie and you’re hooked.Our favorite bloggers are always there eating the famous avocado toast, which we always say yes to. The cafe serves French-Moroccan food so you know it’s incredible. French food is good. Moroccan food is probably good (we will find out next weekend!), so the combination of the two must be magic in your mouth. It must be.


Gasoline Alley and Bluebird Cafe. One of Gabby’s favorite Instagrammers/bloggers/professionals/idols/lovers (jk) is constantly geotagging his #dailycortado Instapics from these two coffee shops. We are determined to visit them multiple times this summer and sip a coffee while secretly hunting for Patrick. Once we do find him, Gabby is going to beg him to hire her as his intern. Cross our fingers that it works out.



Have you visited any of these restaurants? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Love ya like XO.

– G and C


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