Nostalgia and Tapas

What up what up – have you missed me? Probably not but I like to think so. I’ve been bopping around Spain lately and have neglected bean + nash like a bad mother. BUT, I had two incredible weekends full of friends, food, and fun (#duh #abroad) so hopefully this post will make up for my absence…plz.


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Two weekends ago I returned to Alicante for four beach-filled and extremely nostalgic days. I spent a month there two summers ago on a study abroad program and fell in love with the city. Luckily my friend from school who went on the same trip is studying in Madrid this semester, so we have both been planning a trip back since we basically finished our program two summers ago. Alicante is in the province of Valencia on the coast of the Mediterranean and it is BEAUTIFUL. It’s like a Spanish LA or Malibu; wide boulevards lined for miles with palm trees, harbors full of boats, and a constant saltiness in the air that comes with being close to the ocean.


It was the first time I had returned to a place after having spent a significant amount of time studying or living there before and it was both incredibly fun and extremely recollective and sentimental. My friend and I repeated a lot of activities from our time there but also tried new restaurants and (finally) climbed the castle that sits above the city! That was an accomplishment in itself and standing at the top looking over my favorite city was well-worth the hike to get there. Leaving Alicante was hard but I know it’s not my last visit and the beach will always be waiting~~**


My second trip was this past weekend to Granada! I was SO excited to go, mostly because I heard from various people including my lovely host madre that the city is “barata” aka cheap which is also a word I would currently use to describe myself (exchange rates argh). Granada is famous for their tapas, as in, every time you order a copa or drink you get a free tapa. This was basically the greatest thing to ever happen to my friends and I and resulted in incredibly fun bar hopping and tapa tasting. Some of our favorites were a chickpea salad and roasted vegetables at Bar Poe, and jamón with olive oil on baguette at a hole-in-the-wall bar covered in pictures of crying Jesus from Semana Santa (#powerful). We also did the usual activities, such as a trip to the Alhambra and hiking strolling around the medieval, moorish Albayzín area. Overall, another super fun weekend that consisted of eating, drinking, botched Spanish, and funny stories. The usual I would say.




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