Ça va? Ça va.

Bonjour, comment allez-vous? Je suis merveilleux! Any guesses as to where I was this past weekend? If you guessed Paris, then you’re right! You get a crêpe! Imagine me saying that like Oprah does when she gives away everything but the kitchen sink. Actually, she probably does give away sinks…

Back to Paris. I flew into the city of lurvvv and fromage on Friday to visit my best friend from school. I have been to Paris before, so I didn’t want to do too many touristy activities. Instead of walking around the Louvre for hours or sweating our way to the top of the Eiffel Tower, I wanted to see her Paris and to do the things that she likes to do. I also didn’t exactly want to spend a boatload of $$$, as I am not made of the stuff. If only…

paris 8.jpg

We had an incredible weekend. We started off on Friday with a walk to Kellie’s apartment, which took us by the Eiffel Tower. She lives in a beautiful area of Paris; her house is close to restaurants, bars, and pâtisseries of all sorts. She’s also a 3 minute walk from the Eiffel. Unreal. I live 3 minutes from a chocolate and churro restaurant…it’s almost as good. We went to a restaurant called Bedford Avenue for pre-dinner drinks. It was Brooklyn themed and had Chuck Norris posters everywhere…the wifi password was even ChuckNorris. I guess it’s not just Americans that love him. For dinner we went to Le Refuge des Fondues, which serves wine in baby bottles and fondue. You have two options: bread or meat. Our group went with both, obviously. My clothes that I wore there still reek of cheese. But is that even a bad thing?

paris 4.jpg

On Saturday morning I did bikram yoga!!! IN FRENCH! IN PARIS! Can you even deal? I couldn’t. Bikram yoga is not a thing here in Sevilla, so I took full advantage of its availability in Paris and did it both mornings here. Maybe the highlight of my trip? Post yoga, we got our caffeine fix at Dose Dealer de Café. It was super hipster and we loved every minute of it. We even attempted to take a hipster picture of our coffee, as seen above. I just want to be AGuyNamedPatrick, is that too much to ask?

paris 5.jpg

Energized and caffeinated, we were ready to begin the day. We visited the Lock Bridge, Notre Dame, and the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, which was warm and cozy and wonderful. It’s a book shop filled from top to bottom with english books. It is a Paris institution and was really breathtaking. I felt more intellectual as soon as I walked in the door. Upon leaving, I was back to being a sweet potato-obsessed simpleton.

paris 3.jpg

After a quick lunch, we strolled about le marais and went in and out of stores that we couldn’t afford. Girls can dream. I couldn’t go to Paris without visiting the Louvre, so we strolled around the plaza with about 100 million other tourists. We headed to Angelina’s for their world-famous (no joke) hot chocolate. The line was absurd, so we decided to get a cup to-go and share. We also got ourselves two pistachio macarons, which we proceeded to dip into our cup of hot, thick, chocolatey goodness. Absolute perfection. I have 0 pictures of this wonderful moment, as we were too excited to wait and dug into our goods without wasting any time.

paris 6.jpg

Our morning cappuccinos didn’t hold us over for 7 hours, so we were destined to crash at some point. We headed back to my hostel to sit for what we though would be one hour but turned out to be more like 2 and a half. It was lovely. For dinner, we went to Chido. For Mexican food. I have no shame. We were both craving spices and guac and beans and it was worth every bite. After dinner we took the metro to Kellie’s neighborhood and were on the hunt for a restaurant with a couch and wine. We didn’t find a couch, but we certainly found wine. We ended up at Le Petit Cler, where Kellie had a glass of wine and I had chocolate custard that blew my mind. There is no limit to the amount of chocolate that I will eat. Don’t test me.

paris 7.jpg

After yoga on Sunday morning, we strolled through a wonderful market on our way to Pierre Hermé for their wonderful macarons. I didn’t want to visit Ladurée, as that’s where everyone goes and Kellie had heard that PH was actually the best dealer of sugar-almond-creamy goodness. We were not disappointed. I just ate my last two macarons and am not quite sure what to do with myself now. Our hunger hit us like a train as soon as we walked out of the store and we hunted for food. Seemingly everything was closed, which only added to our famished-frustration. It’s amazing how our personalities change when we’re hungry AKA we become vicious and mean. We ended up at a boulangerie near Kellie’s school. I bought a tomato-zucchini-pesto tarte, which was buttery, flakey, and a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y unreal. I could have eaten 16 more of them. Thankfully, I abstained.

paris 2.jpg

As our romantic food-filled weekend came to an end, we walked through the Luxembourg Gardens on our way to my bus to the airport. As seen in the first picture, we took a piggyback picture. Kellie and I have one from each year in college and we obviously had to take one abroad! We quickly hugged and said our bittersweet goodbyes (neither of us are much of hug or goodbye people). As much as I will miss my Kellbellboobop, I am so glad that we got to share such a fun, Beyoncé-filled weekend together. Neither of us could get ‘Partition’ out of our heads the entire time. It was glorious and exactly the way it should have been.

paris 1.jpg



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