I’m Hung Up On: Food. Comida. Nourriture. Cibo. Eда.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about food lately. After I work out in the mornings, the only thing I can think about is eating. When I come home from class, I’m wondering what mi madre is going to make for lunch. Around 6PM my tummy starts to grumble and I start to snoop around the kitchen for fruit or nuts. At 9PM I start to set the table in preparation for dinner.

I go to bed and then the cycle begins all over again. I live a hungry life.

Here are the recipes that I’ve been going absolutely insane over lately. I think about them when I’m hungry, eating, or have just eaten. I like my food. Can you tell?

Brussels Sprout and Avocado salad. Yes.


Creamy Parmesan and White Bean Stew with Spicy Greens. Does anything other than this stew really matter? Let me answer that for you. NO.

Just kidding. These peanut butter pretzel truffles are all that matter.

Vegetable Soup with Garlic Croutons. The healthiness. I love it. I need it.

Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes. I might have to wait until May for this one.

Valentine Sprinkle Cupcakes. Good thing I don’t have access to these or I’d eat them all.

Creamy Avocado Hummus. Beep boop bop wop. That is how I’m going to articulate my feelings about this dip.


Roasted Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Kale Salad. This is essentially what I order at Sweetgreen and makes me miss my beloved salad haven.

Roasted Veggie Whole Wheat Pizza. With my love for carbs reignited by Europe, I would kill for this.

Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches. It’s so simple yet ingenious.

Red Wine Chocolate Truffles. More truffles. Wine. Chocolate. Butter. All one really needs. PS I’m going to a wine tasting on Friday, aka Valentines Day. Literally going to drown my singleness in alcohol.

Processed with VSCOcam

Here are a few pictures of what I have actually been eating lately and not just dreaming about. Enjoy!

eating lately 212



2 thoughts on “I’m Hung Up On: Food. Comida. Nourriture. Cibo. Eда.

  1. Ugh but that spicy white bean stew… I saw it the other day and literally just pulled up a picture of it in class yesterday to gaze at and show my friend. Hope abroad is amazing!!

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