After one month of living in Sevilla, I started classes today! WOO. So great. Going to school at the University of Sevilla (US) has already been incredibly interesting. First of all, class schedules here are “subject” aka completely dependent on how your professor feels. Class starts at 8:30 in the morning but they want to have a coffee first? They’ll roll in at 9. Or, sometimes they don’t show up at all. I’ve already had class canceled for tomorrow. It’s the second day of classes. I don’t get it. Second of all, I don’t know who planned out the university but it’s confusing AF. The classrooms jump from number XIX (yes, that’s 19) to 201 with zero signs, arrows or anything. Obviously I’m always looking for the classroom that’s missing in that gap of 182 classrooms, resulting in me walking through the hallways looking like an idiot, then staring for five minutes at XXV trying to figure out if it says 25 or 203940. Oh! And if you didn’t notice, I don’t go here.

Other than these things which are more entertaining than problematic, I’m very excited to start classes. I’m looking forward to making Spanish friends and asking for their notes, and to professors who like to enjoy a beer before class.

Equally important to my first week of classes in Sevilla is fashion week in New York City (NYFW)!! I can just feel the excitement from here. Kidding, it’s like a tundra, I don’t know how people are doing it. My most anticipated show and thus far my favorite has been Delpozo. Sticking with the España theme, Delpozo is a Spanish brand based in Madrid (which also happens to be my destination for this weekend). I wrote about their spring collection last time and as predicted, their fall/winter show was amazing. This feature on the show is my favorite and showcases the individual pieces and the behind-the-scene moments fantastically. Watch the show live here and see runway photos here.


Delpozo4-750x499 Delpozo2-750x1125

Here are some recent pictures from my trip. Enjoy y ciao!


Photos c/o The Glamourai



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