I Been Spinning and Marketing

Hola todos! Como estáis? That’s the vosotros form of estar, just so everyone knows. You know what sucks? The fact that our teachers always told us that we didn’t have to know vosotros because it is only used in Spain. Well, guess where I am? And guess what they use? And guess what I am trying so hard to understand? If you guessed the vosotros tense, then you guessed right! 2 churros for you.

Other than tackling vosotros one sentence at a time, Spain is going splendidly. The weather has been beautiful with the exception of the past 3 days, during which it rained and rained and rained. That was sad. But today is a sunny day and we just visited the Mercado de Triana for some culture, food, and fun. Hip-hip, horray! It was amazing; so many fruits and veggies and pastries and fishies! We ordered a kilo of strawberries and ate them all. 2 girls. No shame.

The market made me so happy, since I really miss the über healthy foods that I’m used to eating, like green juice, sweet potatoes, and lots of vegetables. I’m super tired 99% of the time here, and my theory is that I’m not getting enough nutrients. Sure, I eat plenty, but not all of the food that I eat is nutrient dense. White potatoes and white bread aren’t cutting it for me. That being said, I just ate some potatoes with lunch that were lightly fried and heavenly. I’ve been eating a lot of almonds and apples in my free time to give my body what it needs. On a more positive note, mi madre bought oatmeal for me because she knows I like it! I COULD HAVE KISSED HER!

triana market 1

triana market 2

triana market 3

triana 5

In order to balance out my new diet, I’ve been working out a lot. I joined a gym that’s 2 seconds from mi casa, so I have absolutely no excuse not to go. As some of you may know, I am an avid spinner. My dad, who is an instructor, got me into it and now I’m hooked. The problem with spin in Spain: the classes at my gym are at night and I am a morning-workout person. My roommate from the US of A can attest to the fact that no hour is too early for me to get up and hit the gimnasio. Although I haven’t been attending organized spin classes, I like to run my own class (in my mind). I hop on the bike, stick in my earbuds, and spin away to my own playlist. After having spun for so long, I know what I like and how to make a class more or less challenging. I thought I’d share the playlist that I’ve been spinning to of late. Hope you enjoy!

Note: Please do not judge my musical taste. If you plan to do so, then please stop being a hater.

Happy– Pharrell. A great warm up song, I like to switch between positions 1, 2, and 3.
Teeth– Lady Gaga. Increased resistance in position 3.
Oh No!– Marina and the Diamonds. Positions 1 and 2.
Moving In the Dark– Neon Trees. Position 1, varying resistance.
Drink You Away– JT. Big hill! Increase resistance every 15 seconds, try to stay seated.
300 Violin Orchestra– Jorge Quintero. Intervals, yay! Sprint for 20 seconds with some resistance so that your butt isn’t bouncing, then break for 10 seconds. Repeat!
Happily– One Direction. Positions 1 and 2.
Mirrors– JT. Increase resistance every 20 seconds in position 1.
Grown Woman– Beyoncé. Positions 1, 2, and 3.
Torero– Chayanne. Positions 1 and 2.
Thriller/Heads Will Roll– Glee. Positions 1 and 2.
Take Me Home– Cash Cash. Positions 1 and 2, sprinting in 1 during chorus.
Roar– Katy Perry. You knew this song was going to be on here. It’s a great climb in positions 2 and 3.
Outside of You– Hilary Duff. TBT Hduff. Positions 1 and 3.
I Don’t Need a Man– Pussycat Dolls. Positions 2 and 3.
How I Feel– Flo Rida. Positions 1 and 2.
Good Feeling– Flo Rida. Such a great upbeat song to end with. Positions 1 and 2.
Hold On, We’re Going Home– ASTR. This song makes for a great cool down and stretch.

The playlist is just over an hour. Happy spinning!



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