I’m Hung Up On

Greetings from Sevilla. I’m currently siesta-ing on my bed post-lunch. We had an incredible meal of salmon, potatoes, and peas. Sounds simple but let me tell you it ’twas not. The peas obviously had jamón, which only took them to the next level.


Abroad updates: I bought oatmeal yesterday. Yes, I cracked. I made it this morning with apple pieces, cinnamon, honey, and walnuts. I’ve never been happier. I still have yet to break into the peanut butter jar in my apartment. Go team self-control! I joined a gym that’s a 2 second walk from mi casa, which is perfecto. I really miss my gym at home, which has newer machines. But I’ll get used to my new gym in time. I have finally started classes at school, which all seem like they’ll be pretty easy. We’re headed to Granada this weekend for fun in the sun–JK Granada is colder than Sevilla.

Guess what?! Caroline and I just booked a trip together to Morocco in March. HOLLER! It’s going to be incredible. Look out for camel pics.


Hasta luego, I’m off to siesta like the good Sevillana that I want to be.

J.Crew is lowering their prices! HELLO!

Speaking of J.Crew, I can’t even handle these. Perfect for the workplace. Or walking around your house. Whatever floats your boat.

Which countries eat the healthiest? You might be surprised. And guess which country isn’t even on this list, of course?

The things I would do for a green juice right now.

I’ve been craving chocolate like a pregnant woman these days and these look mighty fine.

Why this woman gave up on losing weight. I have mixed feelings about this article. What are your thoughts?

Last-supper syndrome. This is definitely a thing.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? If so, here are a bunch of recipes for guilt-free snacks! I will not be watching because a) it will be on TV around 2AM here and b) I am a fan of neither of the teams. However, I will root for the Broncos in my heart because Peyton Manning is their QB and I like Eli Manning, of the Giants, thus Peyton gets my vote in this all-holy game of football. I know you were wondering.


Holy Asian Nuggets nom.

Which food matches your personality? I got a hot buttery roll, which I really don’t understand at all.

Black beans and sweet potatoes–I miss you endlessly.

When can I transfer to Rutgers to take this class on Queen Bey?

I’m running this half-marathon in April. SOS. Run it with me if you’re abroad!



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