Sevilla Update: Stilettos on Sunday

Amigos y amigas, hola from Sevilla! As Gabby mentioned, I have been in Sevilla for just over two weeks. It is AMAZING and I love it. My host mom and dad are super sassy and cute. Mi madre will randomly give me a bracelet or ice cream (FYI she has been sent from heaven) and cooks delicious food. My host dad and I have conversations about completely different things that can last for up to 5 minutes. Yesterday we were talking about the Vietnam War (deep I know – kidding a documentary was on TV) and he told me he remembers the day the war ended and I think I told him I fought in it (?). Who knows. The attitude with communication is, just go with it.

The other thing I’ve realized after my first two weeks in Sevilla – Spanish women don’t really do the “boho” look. They don’t know what a chambray shirt or maxi skirt is. I thought I packed appropriately but I am surrounded by women who constantly look like they just got off the runway. Grocery shopping is done in a tailored blazer and heeled boots. Sunday drinks by the river? Full on red lips, fitted dress, and stilettos. The boho/hippie/vintage whatever look does not fly here. Sophisticated, tailored, and chic is their uniform.

I will keep you updated on my attempts to adopt the Spanish style. In the meantime, here are some pictures thus far. Nos vemos!

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