I’m Hung Up On…Going abroad!

GUYS I’M GOING TO SPAIN TODAY!!! I can’t even deal right now. I hope I’ve packed everything. Based upon the weight of my suitcases, I definitely covered all of my bases. Odds that my big bag is over 50 pounds? Very likely. Ugh. I will deal at the airport.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Caroline and I are going to the same city! We’re going to be together for the next FOUR months! I’m practically bouncing up and down in my seat with excitement. Can you imagine the silliness that’s going to begin in a few short days? A friend once told me that if you don’t have enough stupid stories, you’re not having enough fun. I adore that saying and am going to try to live by it in Europe. But not so stupid that I end up a) en el cárcel b) deported c) lost or d) in Russia. That being said, endless fun will still be had.

Now that all of my packing is done and my life is in some sort of order, here are some fun links that I’ve collected this week! Enjoy.

The science of the best chocolate chip cookie. I love that this genius is doing all the work for us until he discovers the perfect combination of ingredients that create the ideal cookie. Keep at it, my friend. Even if your wife doesn’t want you to.


These autumn veggie burgers. Do you think they eat these in Spain? JK lol.

Making the most of study abroad. We plan on it.

Slow-cooked kale omelettes. I want to eat them all.

Kobe came to my school, which is pretty tight.

Veggie chickpea pitas with yogurt dill sauce. Obviously I would add feta cheese because obviously.

This Jimmy Fallon video makes me love him even more.

These Sam Edelman booties. My mom bought them and returned them and here I am wishing I’d kept them myself.

Ina’s lemon chicken breasts. This was my last supper at home and it did not disappoint.

I tried this a couple of days ago and do not plan on stopping any time soon. It’s a foolproof way to, well, get things going. Thanks, Cameron. I also fell prey to our consumerist society and bought her book. I feel no shame. You’ll catch me reading it on le plane to le Spain.

J.Crew’s camp socks. They’re so comfortable and keep my footsies nice and warm! I love to wear them with my favorite boots on a chilly day.

jcrew socks

Aerie is using unretouched photos of models in their new advertisements. This shouldn’t be such a big deal, but sadly, it is. While it’s a shame that so many companies feel the need to retouch their models, it’s wonderful that American Eagle is taking a stand and presenting women the way they really are. Kudos.

With that, I bid you adios. Cross your fingers that I don’t get stuck next to a baby, chatterbox, or smelly person on my flight.



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