Just Call Me the Cookie Monster: Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey hey hey! Before we get into these tasty morsels, I have a question. Is it okay to eat like a pregnant woman after I finish bikram yoga? Supposedly, you can burn up to 700 or even more calories during class. But it’s not like we’re running or anything, so how many calories can we really burn? I just got back from yoga class and ate everything in sight. No joke, I had a bite of everything I saw before I actually sat down to a bowl of soup and a veggie burger. Then I had an apple with peanut butter. Then I had one of these cookies. And now I’m sitting and contemplating whether that was rational. Probably not, but who ever said we have to be rational 24/7, right?

paleo choc chip cookies

We don’t usually have cookies around in our house unless it’s Christmastime, which, I hate to say, is over. I’ve been craving sweet things for a few days now, likely due to my overconsumption of sugar from the dates of December 21-January 3 (guesstimation). But I work out and eat healthily, so I deserve a cookie. Or 5. And these are even healthy!

paleo cookies 2

I first discovered TaylorMadeItPaleo on Instagram. She seems so cool! I want to be her friend and do crossfit with her. Upon checking out her blog, I was even more obsessed. She posts delicious recipes that are easy to make and super healthy. They’re usually paleo, too. So if you’re into that, this is the food blog for you.

These cookies aren’t too sweet, as the only sweetener in them is banana. They have a lovely hint of coconut from the coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut flour, no worries; I used whole wheat flour instead because that’s what I had around. I know that you’re not supposed to switch things around when baking, but I YOLO’d it.


Confession time: my cookies aren’t paleo. They would have been had I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips, but I didn’t have those either. So I used good old-fashioned Nestle chocolate chips. They turned out just fine.

This recipe took no time to make, so I highly suggest making them the next time you have to whip something up in a hurry or have 30 minutes to kill! Baking is a very good use of time if you ask me.



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