Hashtags and Jamón

Do you see what I did there with that title? Alliteration, my friends, alliteration.

The time has finally arrived for Caroline and me to head off for Spain. Well, sort of. Caroline leaves today and I leave next Sunday! AY AY AY! Bring on the jamón (but not jamón flavored chips–I tried them when I was in Spain a few years ago and no thank you), vino, churros, chocolate, bocadillos, gazpacho, pescado, y tortas. Ah yes, and European academics of course (LOL peace American academics, not sad to see you go). We are so excited that we can barely contain ourselves.

As you well know, we love Instagram. It makes us feel way cooler than we actually are (11+ likes for the win). Oddly enough, neither of us really uses Instagram’s filters. We both prefer vscocam, which is much more hipster and screams “look at me, I’m drinking a latte in a cafe you’ve never noticed before I head off to work in a studio in Brooklyn. Later I’m going to barre, I might do SoulCycle though. Maybe bikram yoga?” That’s vscocam for ya.

We’ve decided to do a little something different with our instapics while we’re traversing about the European continent. WE’RE STARTING A HASHTAG! We will both be using the hashtag #bnabroad. This way, you can click the hashtag and see all of the pictures that we’ve both taken! Helpful if you follow one of us but not the other, or if you don’t follow either of us and are just curious about what’s happenin’ en Europa!


We hope you enjoy our tales from abroad. They’re sure to be interesting! I just hope we don’t have a horrible hostel experience like this one, which terrified me and made me question humanity.


PS. Graphic design credit to Kellie Liu.


3 thoughts on “Hashtags and Jamón

  1. Can someone please explain what vscocam is??? Been seeing it everywhere but no idea. ANYWAY have an amaze time in Spain, Gab!! Let me know if you want any recs for Barcelona/Madrid/Morocco. 🙂

    • HAHA I didn’t entirely know what it was when I downloaded it and then it changed my life. JUST DOWNLOAD IT! You’ll instantly be 10x cooler, at least to me.

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