The Perfect Cold Day Soup: Kale, Tomato, and White Bean Soup

Last Thursday, I wasn’t feeling so hot. My head was throbbing, I couldn’t stop blowing my nose, and I kept getting that aggravating feeling when you think you have to sneeze but it’s just a tease. Isn’t that the worst?! It is. As I sat upon my throne AKA my favorite chair in our house, I tried to think of something to do. It was nearing dinnertime and nothing in the house appealed to my sick tastes, so I thought that I might go online and search for the perfect food-remedy. I happened upon Bev’s recipe for Kale, Tomato, and White bean soup, which definitely did the trick. It was warm and hearty, just what I wanted.


The squeeze of lemon juice brightens up the soup and creates a heavenly aroma. Of course, I sprinkled a bit a generous amount of parmesan cheese on top. Cheese improves all the things. To make the soup a little more filling, I would suggest adding italian sausage. It would be sautéed with the onions and garlic to infuse it with their flavors.


I highly suggest making this soup whether you’re sick or not. It’s healthy, filling, and just the right meal for a cozy night at home.


soup pic



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