We spend a lot of time on Instagram. Arguably too much, but who can resist the cute little square pictures with the pretty filters and the constant pictures of F00D! WHOA. We can’t. It is Caroline’s go-to procrastination tool, beating out Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Tinder (although the last one is a winner). I love it when I have nothing to do. I could click that refresh button on the popular page all day. Here are a few of our favorite insta accounts. Our thumbs twitch automatically to double-click every single one of these guys’ photos. Read and follow!

Caroline (in no particular order, deal):
1. Anyeske – Alex Yeske
A graphic designer for Madewell AND a blogger, I can identify with this chick. Her feed is great and a constant inspiration source for me as I look to take her job someday in the future (jk this will never happen).


2. SproutedKitchen – Sara Forte
This is the insta account of one of our favorite food blogs, Sprouted Kitchen. Sara and Hugh Forte are an adorable couple living in California. Their life consists of posting pictures of the beautiful food they create. Um…another person whom I would like to become.

sprouted kitchen3. TheodoreFitzpatrick – Teddy
Hear me out. This is the account of a dog, named Teddy. I’m not one to follow things like “pugsofinstagram” or “puppypicoftheday,” but for Teddy I will make an exception. His photos are sarcastic and hilarious and he is edible.

4. ChelseaLeyland – Chelsea Leyland
Chelsea is a DJ and model (…). She is always in different places, whether it is NYC or Tulum, Mexico, and the best part is her photos are of real life. They aren’t super staged or static; they express what she’s really doing in the moment. Granted, it helps that her daily life is approx. 100000 times cooler than mine.

5. SaintRecords – Solange Knowles
Obviously we are big fans of Beyoncé here at bean + nash, but to be honest her equally amazing sister’s instagram is better. Solange has such strong colors in her photos and they look like they are taken with the latest Nikon (maybe they are, I won’t hate).


Honorable mentions: Anais_Dax, WitandDelight_, AnnaRifleBond, Leifshop, ConconWang, DanielleSynder, TheAGG, AnotherFeather, MindyKaling, Pennyweight, and Miss_Moss.

Gabby (again, in no particular order-I stalk them all equally):
1.GaryPepperGirl – Her life is so cool I can’t handle it. Nicole’s photos are absolutely gorgeous and her life as a stylist, model, consultant, blogger, and creative director is seemingly ideal. Please let me be your intern. I beg of thee.

garypeppergirl insta

2. AGuyNamedPatrick – He’s a graphic designer, art director, app designer, and a lover of the #dailycortado. He traipses about NYC on his bike, which is beyond cool. He works at Bon Appétit, which is more/less my dream. Patrick’s pictures of hipster coffee and delectable meals constantly have me wishing that I lived his life.

aguynamedpatrick insta

3. LucyLaucht – She’s the social media director at J.Crew, which is my other dream job. Lucy’s insta is full of beautifully stylish outfits, incredible sceneries, and the occasional food-stagram. She lives in New York but does lots of traveling, which makes for a seriously envy-worthy photo feed.

lucylaucht insta

4. SaraKateStudios – Based in Oklahoma City, SKS is a design company with a killer Instagram feed. If I were decorating an apartment, these are the people who I would trust to deck it out. Their Instagram is full not only of interior design pictures, but also incredible accessories shots. I’m obsessed to say the least.

sarakatestudios insta

5. Freutcake – Leah, the owner of Freutcake, is the owner of a women’s lifestyle blog, so you know she’s got a pretty awesome lifestyle. She focuses on recipes, DIYs, interior design, style, cocktails (hi), and restaurant reviews. Her Instagram always adds a delightful pop or color and/or yum to my day.

freutcake insta

Honorable mentions: ParisInFourMonths, Emmatheyellow, EvaChen212, Unique_lapin, 100layercake, Cindyloughridge, and Chrisozer,

-G and C


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