I’m Hung Up On

Happy cold-days, everyone! Fun fact: today was the first productive day I think I’ve had since I got home almost 3 weeks ago. Yesterday, I spent the hours of 1pm-6pm watching TV. And eating. I felt disgusting but sort of loved every minute of it. Then again, it was literally 0 degrees outside, so I feel no guilt for not frolicking in my snowy yard. Let me tell you, ‘My 600 Pound Life’ is inspiring. I’ve never had such a strong desire to drink a green juice and go for a run. After watching people try for 7, yes SEVEN, years to lose massive amounts of weight (I’m talking  350+ pounds people, not 5 or 10 pounds), I got froyo. Yep. Screw it, YOLO. There’s not much froyo in Sevilla, so I need to get my fill now. Spoken like the true fat girl that I am.


As I sat upon my arse all day, I did quite a bit of internet browsing. Here’s what I found in my deep state of nothingness. Enjoy!

Wear: This coat. CAN YOU EVEN?! I can’t, that’s for sure. And these sandals. I love chunky heeled sandals like those; there’s something more fashionable and classy about them than the traditional slimmer heel. Is it summer yet? My feet are ready. JK no they’re not at all; they need a pedi ASAP.


Eat: Peanut butter banana breakfast burgers. Words cannot describe how much I want these in my belly. And this smoky white bean chicken chili that I made a couple of weeks ago. It blew my mind. So delicious, so healthy, so fab.


Where: Sevilla, Spain, DUH! T-11 days until I’m out of this retched cold and soaking up the Spanish sun. Caroline leaves in 5 days! EEK! We. Are. So. Excited. I got a super cute bag today to take with me, because you can never have enough and I actually needed one. And the price was great! It was practically free. Eh…


Listen: I’m having a Marina and the Diamonds moment. I can’t get enough of ‘Oh No‘ and ‘Radioactive.’ Take a listen; you won’t regret it. Her songs are great for all occasions.

Read: How to simultaneously be healthy and social. You don’t have to give up your new year goals for a good time! I love to invite friends to fitness classes with me to bond. That way we both get a great workout and we spend some time together! BTW I do not look like that picture (see below) when I work out. My hair is up in a nasty ponytail and I’m sweating all of my troubles away. Also, check out the most affordable cities in America. I’m not sure I’ll be moving to any of them any time soon, but hey, if there’s a job waiting for me, I’ll consider it. Sista’ could use a job $$$.




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