Chaqueta Chaqueta

Maybe it’s the influence of the -20 degree weather I’m currently in (Canada meh), or the massive winter sales that are going on, but I can’t stop shopping for coats. This is a futile effort for many reasons. 1. I already have many winter coats, 2. I leave for somewhere with a temperate/hot climate in about a week (see post below!!!), and 3. I have no money. All of these factors taken into account, I am still browsing. It is times like this that I envy my friends who are traveling to cold places this semester, Copenhagen, Ireland, London, even Paris. I want the excuse to buy a giant, shearling, WARM jacket, but sadly, I have none. Here is my current jacket wish list. I would travel to Alaska or Greenland (did you know Greenland is the cold one? Iceland is actually green. Weird.) if it meant investing in one of these beauties.

1. Acne Oversized Shearling Jacket

2. Acne Rev Bicque Jacket
3. Acne Vera Jacket 

4. Acne Vera Reversed Jacket
5. Acne Mape Jacket

There’s a theme here:
Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 5.59.21 PM

Shearling is haute right now. Now off to freeze, adios!

P.S. “Chaqueta” is jacket in Spanish. Ok


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