Holiday Breakfast-Baked Oats

Happy day-after Christmas! I hope that you all got puppies since I didn’t. My parents have made it very clear that they will never get a dog; however, I keep praying that they’ll do it once they realize that they need someone to play with now that my brother and I are out of the house. They need someone to direct their attention toward, don’t you think? Mom, I wouldn’t mind coming home to a Golden Retriever puppy in May. Just saying.

ANYWAY. I didn’t get a puppy. But we did have a delicious breakfast that a puppy would have begged for if we had one!

That was a dumb transition. I’m going to roll with it.

We usually have homemade french toast with all the fixins’ on Christmas morning. But this year my mom really didn’t feel like making such a labor-intensive feast at 9 AM, so she left Christmas breakfast to me. If I was cooking for myself, I would have a big bowl of oats with a side of apple-carrot juice. Alas, I was cooking for my entire fam and had to think about peeps other than myself, AKA my dad and brother. I decided to make baked oatmeal. Something about it is more hearty and formal than microwaved oatmeal. It was delicious and held us all most of us over until Christmas lunch/dinner (dunch? linner?). My brother and I had to eat a little something else, as we both went running after breakfast. There’s another benefit of not having french toast; it’s such a heavy meal that you can’t do much after eating it. Oatmeal, on the other hand, is full of healthy fiber, whole grains, and slow digesting carbs that provide energy over a long period of time. Oats won’t drag you down, unlike sweet, delicious, indulgent french toast.

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I made Skinny Taste’s Baked Oatmeal with Blueberries and Bananas. It did not disappoint. It was sweetened by the honey and vanilla extract but not overwhelmingly so. Baking the bananas and blueberries on their own in the beginning helps to soften the fruits and also causes the blueberries to release their juices. YUM! The toasted walnuts on top added the perfect crunch to our heart-healthy and festive Christmas breakfast.

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Side note: We also had Blueberry Banana muffins to satisfy my dad and brother’s ravenous appetites. Must give the people what they want. AKA sustenance.

Wishing you happy and healthy holidays with your friends and family! Let us know what you had for your special holiday breakfast in our comments section. We love to hear about what our readers are up to.


PS- I’m crying. This is everything.


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