Study Day Must-Haves

Happy finals, my good people. Some of you are already done with exams–lucky you. Go enjoy your academic-free life while the rest of us suffer through study days and grueling tests. My brother gets home a full week before me. ONE FULL WEEK! He is done with finals before I even start. My family is going to decorate the tree without me for the first year because I get home so late. I want to be pissed, but I get home on December 21, so I guess it’s valid that they don’t want to wait until 4 days before Christmas to decorate that which embodies the wonderful holiday.

But like, I’m a little pissed. Save some cookies for me, Mom and Dad. Make sure that Michael doesn’t eat all the buckeyes. Oh heavens, I cannot wait to eat buckeyes.

ANYWAY. The website that I write for just published an article titled “5 Things You Need To Survive Finals.” They’re all valid, but none of them are the first things that I consider to be finals necessities. So here’s my own list of the goods that are 100% necessary for me to come out of finals with a smidge of sanity.


Chocolate. I can’t really go a day without it. I just bought two huge bars. They might last, they might not. No shame in my game.

Soy Lattes. Tastes like a treat but gives me energy to last at least 2 hours. Warm and cozy and wonderful. I usually get them from our on-campus coffee shop, but Starbucks’ are my fave. I feel like their soy milk is kind of chocolatey and sweet.

Leggings. Comfort to the max. I want to be able to do a downward dog at any given moment in the library (JK I don’t study in the library because it’s too serious for me). Leggings are the best ever. I can sit in any position wherever I am. Criss-cross apple sauce? Side saddle? Butt booster AKA one leg up under the butt? Feet propped up? With leggings, you’re good to go.

Circle Scarf. The supreme scarf. When you’re walking to the library or back to your dorm, you can wrap it around your head for added warmth, thus turning your scarf into a scood (scarf+hood). You don’t have to worry about the ends of a scarf getting in your way and circle scarves are great for wrapping around your head until you can’t really breathe.

Big Headphones. To block out everything and everyone. Ain’t no distractions when you can’t hear a damn thing.

Frozen Yogurt. Nothing is quite as good as a frozen treat after a long day of studying. My personal favorite combination is oatmeal cookie, cookies and cream, and nutella topped with cookie dough and Reeses Pieces if I’m feeling lucky. I don’t mess with fruity flavors when it comes to froyo. Chocolate or die.

To-Do Lists. What is more satisfying than checking off a task from your to-do list? Nothing. Except froyo (see above). To-do lists are a great way to jot down everything you have to do and plan your day. Personally, I plan out every hour of my day, that way there are more things that I can check off!

Oatmeal. I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast no matter the season. It’s a delicious, hearty, and filling breakfast that gives you energy for the day to come! They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try out oatmeal if you haven’t–you won’t regret. My favorite combination: oats, flax meal, golden raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, honey, PB2, pumpkin, and almond milk. It’s a lot, but it’s so flippin’ good.

A go-to study spot. Odds are good that you can find me in the dining hall during study days. The library is too quiet for me and the dining hall offers a social element that the lib does not. I usually go with a friend so that we can alternate who sits and watches the table while the other is getting food, coffee, or socializing. There’s always socializing.

Glasses. I wear my contacts to go to the gym in the morning and then take them off immediately. Contacts can get dry and annoying and I don’t need that messiness during finals.

Instagram. Insta is a great distraction. Less stalkerish than FB and less annoying than Twitter. I love stumbling upon cute bloggers’ accounts and imagining what my life would be like if I were them and not taking finals.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel. To remind myself that there is hope. That finals will not last forever. That I will survive and enjoy life someday. We can do it!




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