My Limitless Christmas List

Most of us have a limit as to what we can ask for for Christmas. My parents would laugh in my face if I asked for half of the things that I really want. For some reason, I guess they don’t want to get me a Vitamix. Whatever, I’ll buy one when I’m rich and famosa. That’s famous in Spanish.

Since I could never show my parents my dream Christmas list, I’m showing it to you good people. Here are the things I would ask for if I could have anything in the world. If you really think I deserve something on the list, you could get it for me. I mean, if you want. Your choice. Happy Holidaze!






1. A Vitamix, for juicing and blending ALL THE FOODS! The Vitamix blender is one of the best, if not the best, on the market. I envision myself juicing carrots, apples, spinach, kale…everything would be juiced. Maybe even my oatmeal.
2. A Barbour jacket. I feel like having a Barbour is a prereq to going abroad and I don’t have one. I don’t need one at all, but this is my fantasy Christmas list and I can ask for anything I want.
3. These heels. Like can you even? Picture them at a New Years Eve party. They’re a party in themselves!
4. This MBMJ satchel. I picture myself walking around Europe with it next semester whilst rocking a mean pair of sunglasses and eating a macaroon. Definitely.
5. These Manolo Blahnik flats. Even if I could afford these I probably still wouldn’t get them because I have wide feet and they would look silly. But a girl can dream, right? Emily Schuman blogged about a similar pair. Still out of my price range. Sad.
6. Adobe Photoshop. I’m seriously considering getting it; I think it could really improve the blog. Will keep you updated on that! I might just go the illegal download route…YOLO.
7. This Lulu Frost bracelet. It’s so beautiful it hurts! I need need need.
8. Everything from Lululemon. Yeah, you know you want the same. $108 for pants hurts my wallet. So, so much.
9. A vacation to here. Please. Please, please. It looks so relaxing and wonderful and exclusive. I want something exclusive. I’m also hoping that Justin Timberlake will be there at the same time as me. A gal can dream, right?
10. A Pressed Juicery cleanse. I know I did a cleanse this summer and didn’t really love it, but Pressed Juicery is supposed to be the best and I can’t resist the challenge. I also like how the juices taste, so I’d be down to just drink them while I eat glorious food.



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