Fall Fare: Delicata Squash

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all nugging in bed watching your favorite show that you usually have no time to watch. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing–The Mindy Project is my show of choice. It’s laugh-out-loud-by-yourself funny. You know a show is good if you find yourself alone and howling with laughter. Morgan is my favorite character; he is so random and absolutely the best. Also, the scene in episode I-don’t-know-what when Danny watches Mindy struggle to get her oversized luggage in the carryon space on the plane–I had to pause the show because I could not stop laughing. For those who watch TMP, you know what I’m talking about.

After Thanksgiving, it’s good to try to get back into some kind of healthy groove before the big-kahuna of holidays rears its sparkly red and green head. You guessed it, I am referring to none other than CHRISTMAS, a day I might just like more than my birthday.


LET’S GET BACK TO THE HEALTHY THING, SHALL WE? I know that a lot of us will be indulging in cookies and cakes and pies galore in the next month, so it’s good to have something around that’s a little lighter on the tumtum. This Thanksgiving, I tried out Delicata Squash, which is a lot like pumpkin in that is has seeds inside and kind of tastes like ‘kin too. Roast it up for about 40 minutes, flipping every 10 minutes for maximum caramelization and tenderness. Delicata squash makes for a lovely side dish or snack. It also can be filled with goodness like quinoa and kale and ground turkey–anything you want really–and baked, serving as a main dish. I followed this recipe.


My suggestions? Bake the squash pieces for longer than she suggests. I probably baked mine for 40 minutes–the longer they have to bake, the more tender they will be. I would also suggest adding enough salt to get a bit on each piece. I did not add enough, which left some of the squash pieces a little flavorless, which was a bummer. What did I do with the less flavorful pieces? I put mashed sweet potatoes on top of them and shoved them into my mouth. That was yummy.


Happy roasting!



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