Ja Feel?

Basically anyone who has ever spoken to me knows that I love slang. I think that certain words are just perfect for certain situations, even if they’re not in a dictionary. A word definitely doesn’t have to be a ‘real’ to be describe something accurately. When I use slang around my parents they get really confused–I can’t imagine why! My friends have come to embrace my slang, whether they like it or not. Here is a list of my favorite slang terms, my definitions of them, and how to use them in a sentence! Happy slanging!


Ratchet: Someone who is a hot mess. If used to describe a woman, she might be promiscuous, dirty, or overall gross. If used to describe a place or thing, it might be broken to the point that it does not function or functions in a way that is different than its original purpose. Example 1. Our toilet is so ratchet, the toilet paper never flushes all the way. 2. She is so ratchet; look at her Fuggs, greasy hair, and non-Lulu leggings.

Word: My favorite response to questions/comments that I don’t really have an answer to. It basically signifies that you acknowledge someone’s point and/or agree with them. Or you just want the conversation to be over/don’t know how to answer. Example 1. Oh yeah, word, I hate that class too. 2. Person 1: I’m so over not having hot water. Person 2: Word.

Kward: Stands for awkward, without the awk, which is way overused. Example 1. He has been dating her for 5 years. Kward. 2. It’s kward that we ran out of toilet paper because we bought more a week ago.

Trick: Similar to ratchet, a trick is a girl who is prude or just annoying. Example 1. She’s such a trick; she hooked up with him and then never acknowledged him again. 2. TRICKS WILL BE TRICKS!

Boyf: Boyfriend, just without the “riend.” Boyf is a quicker way to refer to someone who is your boyfriend. I actually use it more to refer to people who aren’t my boyfriend but who I imagine are my boyfriend. Example: 1. Ugh, I miss my boyf so much tonight! Guess I’ll just have to eat cheesecake and watch Netflix by myself. 2. OMG JT was so great in concert; my boyf is so talented!

Nom: The infamous nom is used to express my feelings toward food that I really like. Example 1. My oatmeal was nomcity this morning. 2. Person 1: Want to get froyo? Person 2: YES! Nomnomnom.

Obv: Obv is simply “obviously” or “obvious,” just shortened for convenience. Example 1: I’m having a sweet potato for dinner, obv. 2: I obv am not studying for the quiz tomorrow.

IDGAF: Pronounced “id-gaf,” it stands for “I don’t give a f*%$.” I use it when, well, idgaf about whatever I’m talking about. Example 1. I have an exam tomorrow but idgaf. 2: Person 1: Do you care if I play my music? Person 2: Idgaf.

Bugging/Tripping: I used this term around someone the other day and he didn’t know what I was saying. Bugging/tripping mean that someone is freaking out and subsequently needs to calm themselves down. Example 1: She needs to calm down cause she’s bugging. 2: CHILL YOU’RE ACTUALLY BUGGING!

Fug: The less inappropriate to say f*%$. If I’m around someone who I probably shouldn’t be swearing around but it just comes out, I try to direct my mouth to say fug instead of…something worse. Example 1. (I just dropped my phone) FUG! 2. What the fug, why is she giving us so much work?

Shat: Similar to fug, shat is my go-to when I don’t want to say sh!t. Example 1. SHAT! I forgot my homework in my room. 2. SHAT! I burnt the toast.

Turnt: This term is gaining popularity and I love it. To get turnt is to go crazy; to party; to get excited. When I was at the Justin Timberlake concert (yeah, that happened last week), he told the crowd to get turnt. Yes, I will get turnt for you, Justin. Example 1. I’m getting turnt after my Finance exam. 2. It’s only Tuesday and I already want to get turnt. Help.

Nugging: My friend Jess came up with this lovely term and describes it as the state of being curled up in a ball, warm and cozy and cute. Example 1. I can’t wait to nug in my bed and watch Netflix. 2. I just want to nug, it’s so gross outside.

Also, here’s a funny link because you know you like to laugh. The 10 Social Situations That Aren’t A Big Deal But Give Me Anxiety. I totally know what this person is saying. What the heck am I supposed to do while in a crosswalk…Are the drivers staring at me and making fun of me like I think they are?



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