Collaboration Nation

Hello friends and fellow fall fanatics! In exactly ONE week I will be going home for Thanksgiving. I keep fluctuating between ecstatic happiness that I’ll get to be home soon (haven’t been home all semester) and the food, friends, and family that are involved. On the other hand, I have huge swings of depression that this semester is ending. I love school and with going abroad next semester (also exciting), I won’t be back until I’m a senior which is very strange to think about.

In other less whiny news, there seem to be a million of collaborations coming out right now that are SO awesome. You know those cool collections that come out, like Phillip Lim or Rodarte for Target or Topshop and Neiman Marcus curating a line. WELL, two new collaborations are hitting the shelves and it is like the best thing EVER (getting delirious sorry). I’ll just skip to the good stuff…

1. Fine by Dannijones 

This is a collaboration between the badass sisters Danielle and Jodie Synder and actress Rashida Jones. Dannijo has been featured on the blog before and is an amazing statement jewelry line, famous for huge bib necklaces and spiky bracelets. Their new line, however, is all about fine and delicate. Together with Rashida Jones (aka Nurse Ann Perkins), they have created a jewelry line that is like a “second skin.” You can wear it working out, showering, sleeping, etc., it is everyday elegance. I wish I had infinite $$ so I could wear three of their bracelets, two rings, and five necklaces at the same time. Or…I guess I could do with one. Preview and video here


2. Isabel Marant pour H&M

If you haven’t heard about this collection yet then idk wtf you have been doing. Lol kidding. But it has been everywhere for like two months and it comes out today! Crazy! Like the Target collections I mentioned earlier, this is the genius combo of a high-end designer and an affordable retailer. Making Isabel Marant’s effortlessly cool Parisian style available to us common people is the nicest thing H&M has done since making their website shoppable. It was released today and basically everything is sold out already so cry with me please while also frantically emailing H&M to bring it back. All of it. Now. Check out how Man Repeller and Could I Have That style some of the pieces. 

isabel1 isabel2




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