Feastgiving Part Deux

THANKSGIVING IS COMING! That means turkey and brussel sprouts (I like them) and sweet potatoes and pie and more potatoes and last but certainly not least, stuffing. It also means going home and bonding with our fun and often crazy families. Like my gal Caroline, my cooking at college is lacking. I have a full kitchen but definitely don’t use it like I could. I’d like to say that I roast chicken on Sundays and bake incredible desserts for my friends, but I don’t. I have the ability to cook but the urge just isn’t there. My pathetic diet consists of oatmeal, eggs, sweet potatoes, and smoothies. Meat occasionally makes an appearance; I eat poultry but am not such a fan of cooking it. Why cook chicken when I can just toss black beans in a bowl and stick them in the microwave?

How lazy am I…This is pathetic.


ANYWAY. Thanksgiving is coming and I am looking forward to making use of my (by my I mean my parents’) big kitchen. It’s way easier to cook something when a) I have access to a car to go to the grocery store, b) I have more than 4 square feet to move around and c) the kitchen actually feels clean. Here are a few recipes that I hope to try this Feastgiving! I hope you are giving a few new recipes a try, too.

Dijon Braised Brussel Sprouts Mhmmm, yes.


Acorn Squash and Sweet Potato Soup. This soup gets me.


Pomegranate, Kale, and Wild Rice Salad With Walnuts and Feta. Anything with feta and you can count me in.


Mini Vegan Pumpkin Pies. They’re vegan. They’re mini. What’s not to love?


Matcha Vanilla Smoothies. Because my stomach will need some healthy loving after all the pie I’m going to eat.


Also, 39 Delightful Ways to Eat Sweet Potatoes This Thanksgiving. Do you think I like sweet potatoes?



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