I’m Hung Up On

People, it’s November 4th! Cray cray. I feel like the first four days of November actually flew by. Here’s hoping that the rest of the month does too–bring on Thanksgiving. Now that Halloween is (finally) over, we can focus on the holidays that actually matter. My body is ready for the biggest eating day of the year–I loves me some stuffing and sweet potatoes. Not to say that I don’t love my steady diet of oatmeal, smoothies, and black beans, but I need my mom’s home cooking. I’m sure you all are thinking the same. Before we get to go home for Thanksgiving, many of us have to survive a second round of midterms. Best of luck! Here are some fun links to distract you from your studies and responsibilites.

Musings: What Kind of Stress Eater Are You? Most of us consider stress eating to be when we eat an absurd amount of food when we’re feeling the pressure and freaking out a little bit. This HuffPost article proposes another type of stress eating–and this is definitely what I do. Instead of eating a lot when I’m stressed, I eat less. Food becomes less of a priority when I’ve got a thousand things to do. But after I finish everything, I go H.A.M. I usually treat myself for my hard work with froyo or ice cream. Of the chocolate sort, obviously. What kind of stress eater are you? Are you a stress eater at all? If not, good for you. That makes one of us. Also, What Your Eating Habits Say About Your Love Life. LOL.

dont get stressed get dessert uploaded to Flickr public files by ichabodhides

Wear: It’s vest season. YAY! My favorite vest? This one. I actually just got my own over the weekend…Last year I would steal my roommate’s all the time. But we don’t live together anymore and I realized that something was missing from my life. It was the vest. Now I’m happy and wearing it as I write this. Sporty winter chic.


Eat: Sweet potato chocolate milk. I CAN’T EVEN. I NEED THIS NOW NOW NOW. Healthy and chocolate and sweet potatoes and goodness. Yeah, that sums this recipe up.


Listen: Lady Gaga’s new song that features R. Kelly. They sound like a peculiar combo at first but I dig the jam. It makes for a solid workout song. I am also loving How I Feel by Flo Rida. I’m willing to admit that I dance to both of these songs alone in my room when my roommates aren’t around. No shame.

Wishing you all a wonderful first week of November!



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