No _________ November

Happy November, everyone! Can you believe it’s the eleventh month of the year? Only two months left until it’s 2014 and then both Caroline and I go abroad until the end of May. AH!!! That’s daunting. Packing suitcases for that amount of time? Going to be absurd. I’m 100% ready to pay the extra airline fee for extra bags. It just has to happen. I’m being realistic.

Last November, one of my best friends and I decided to try something new for the month. We are both health freaks and try to take the best care of ourselves, but sometimes we fall off the bandwagon, as everyone tends to do. Last year, November was labeled No Late Night Noms November; after 8PM, we cut ourselves off from the fridge and snack cabinets. At first it was really hard; I never realized until I gave up late night eating how much I enjoyed it! By the end of the month, my cravings for nighttime snacks had disappeared and to this day, I don’t have the desire to eat late at night. I hate waking up and feeling full from the night before. I love being hungry or breakfast (OATMEAL!). If I do get a hankering at night, I’ll have an apple, a few nuts, or hot chocolate. I wish I could say I was satisfied by tea, but I’m not. No.


This year, we’re bringing back No _________ November. We’re both committed to varying up our diets and adding new recipes to our repertoire. I eat the same thing all day almost everyday, which I know isn’t great but it’s easy. My friend is giving up bread for the month. I am giving up…

Drum roll please…

NUT BUTTER! There, I said it. I’m giving up nut butter of all sorts; that includes peanut, almond, and all sorts in between. I sometimes think that my frequent stomach aches are caused by my consumption of peanut butter, so I’m going to try giving it up for the month to see what happens. Apples will definitely not be as fun without almond butter to dip them in, but I think I’ll get over it. I love a good challenge, and this is definitely going to be tough.


As many of you know, it’s easy to fall of the bandwagon if the only person who knows that you’re making a change is you. Thus, I’m hoping that by publicizing my sacrifice, I’ll be more likely to stick to my commitment and less likely to sneak peanut butter when no one is looking. I don’t want to let you guys or myself down!

Thinking of giving something up this November? Let us know what it is and why you’re doing it in the comment box below! Feliz November!



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