Fashion and Art, Art and Fashion

I’m an Art History major. In my future, however, I don’t really  see museum gigs or Sotheby’s or restoration work. I see a job in the fashion industry (ideally…hopefully…fingers crossed lol). Some might wonder, what’s the connection? Why Art History? For one, I actually do love art. I’m weird but going to my 15th c. Northern European class is my favorite part of Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I think it says something about a class or major when you genuinely enjoy every minute of the lecture. This doesn’t happen for most classes (i.e. Corporate Strategy i.e. what I am sitting through as I type this), but the few classes you enjoy a week are a nice change.

Other than a love of art, I believe that fashion and art are interconnected. Fashion is influenced time and time again by the great masterpieces we see in museums. As probably the earliest form of visual aestheticism, music, literature, and fashion all draw inspiration from art. Seeing art in fashion is part of the reason I love it. It’s one reason why I am an Art History major. It’s why I want to go in to fashion.

Two collections come to mind when thinking of art-inspired fashion. Dolce and Gabbana’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection and Delpozo’s Spring 2014 collection. Dolce and Gabbana’s AW12 was Renaissance inspired. Models wore rich velvets and heavily embroidered damasque. Coats and capes recalled images of 16th c. Italian courts. The jewels on some pieces were straight out of Van Eyck’s masterpieces. Overall, I died.


The second is Delpozo’s most recent NYFW collection. Threads of Corot and Barbizon translucency were evident in every piece. Diana of Miss Moss did an amazing comparison using this collection. Her images below are in themselves, a work of art.



Overall, the relationship between art and fashion is seen everywhere, in every collection and museum around us. I love that designers today look to masters of the past for inspiration. We might not be recreating the Renaissance, but at least some runways are close.


Source: Miss Moss


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