I’m Hung Up On

Hey ya’ll! HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN AND HERE’S CROSSING OUR FINGERS THAT THE RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES! Why do they call it the World Series if it’s just teams from America? Whatever, I’m not sporty enough to answer that. I hope you’ve all got some sassy Halloween costumes ready to go. Mine are pretty sweet; I won’t share too many details, but one involves a Speedo and the other involves cheetah feet. Enough said. I’m in a really good mood right now; don’t quite know why but I’m not going to question it!


Do you know what the absolute best form of procrastination is? Working on your blog. That’s what. Sorry to my Organizational Behavior paper that needs finishing (and by finishing I mean starting). Working on the blog is a somewhat acceptable excuse not to be doing work. Cheers.

Here are the things I’m loving right now!

Wear: Converse. I’ve had mine for a few years but I’m just starting to obsess over them. They’re all I want to wear, ever. Mine are maroon–school color, school spirit, woo! I want to get red ones before I go abroad. I’m also going to have an actual cow over these Madewell booties. Just look at them, seriously.


Eat: These black bean brownies look yummy. I’ll take 8, thank you. There are black beans in them, which makes them both protein-licious and healthy. Yay!


Listen: Katy Perry’s new album. The 15-year-old in me is loving it. My favorite tracks are Legendary Lovers, Birthday, and International Smile. Also, Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily was Katy for a Halloween party. I dig the look. She rocks the blue hair.

MusingsThis GQ article written by Leandra Medine aka ManRepeller in defense of the slutty Halloween costume. Suddenly, I want a slutty costume that leaves me freezing and exposed. But then I’m like…no. I prefer warmth and comfort every time. Also, there’s this completely unrelated and hilarious article about why the basketball game in Space Jam was the worst officiated game in the history of sports. Space Jam is one of my favorite movies and this article makes me love it for all of its ridiculousness even more.


Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week and a Happy Halloween!



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