Gabby’s Workout Plan

(Read the title of this post as if Kanye is singing it–it sounds a lot more exciting!)

I love to work out, as my friends and family members know very well. I’m known to wake up at an ungodly hour to hit the gym or go for a run. Sometimes, early in the morning is all the time I have for a workout. By doing it early, I also get it over with and feel great all day long. Working out is my biggest stress reliever; last Sunday I was really angry about something the moment that I woke up; instead of letting my anger get the best of me, I went for a long run to clear my head and distract myself. Working out seems to simplify all of my problems. Thus, when I don’t do it, I tend to get more stressed out. It becomes a problem in itself!

Funny-Fitness-quotes and sayings

I am sometimes asked what I do when I workout. I try to change it up between cardio days and endurance/lifting days. I don’t want to be some skinny minnie with no muscle. No thanks. This summer, I completed a Tough Mudder with my dad and some of his friends. I am crazy, I know. My least favorite obstacle was the electrocution; no one needs that. I started training in January for the race, which was in June. I definitely noticed a physical change in my body, and I liked it. It feels good to feel strong.

Some of my friends ask me about my workout routine. Maybe when we were younger it was cool to be super thin, but now many of us are more concerned with being toned and strong. Here is my workout routine, for those who were wondering or just are looking to do something different themselves!

Saturday: Run. I love running, but my knees aren’t in the best shape and I can’t always do it. I try to run once or twice per week. My runs are generally done outside and are between 5 and 8 miles. I just reached the double digits for the first time yesterday. Yay 10 miles!

Sunday: Run or lift. Depending on Saturday’s performance, I will run if I feel up to it. If not, I head to the gym and do a little cardio and lift weights. More on that if you keep reading!

Monday: Cardio and lifting.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Spin. I LOVE spinning. My dad is an instructor and I have him to thank for getting me into it. It’s such a great way to get an awesome workout that’s not hard on your joints. It’s also great for your legs and booty. And the sweat is awesome, NOT gross! Sweating is good, people. I think I feel my absolute best right after a spin class. Who needs dresses or heels when you’ve got spin shoes and spandex, right? Right. Fun fact: Sweat smells because of bacteria that lives in your body. Sweat comes from the apocrine glands, which release perspirtation rich in protein and fats that bacteria feeds on.

Friday: Cardio and lifting.

My Lifting Routine: I usually start out with 30-40 minutes of cardio to get a good sweat going and to wake me up. I can be found on the elliptical (which I only do if I’m feeling lazy cause I don’t consider it real exercise) or the stair master.

Post cardio, I stretch a bit and then get to the fun stuff. Here are a few of my go-to moves.


The Goblet Squat. A great full-body move!


Single-Arm Barbell Swing. Great cardio and full-body exercise, particularly for the shoulders.


Cross-Behind Lunges. For the legs and abs!


Plank To Pushup. Works your abs like no other and keeps your heart rate up.


Lunges! For the legs.

I also usually do pull-ups, work with an exercise ball, and more ab moves. More on those in a future post!


Note: I am aware that I should take day off every once in a while. But for me, not working out is a stressor. I realize that I’m too hard on my body and need to let it recover, but I have trouble actually giving myself a break. I’m working on it. 


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