I’m Hung Up On…

Well, here we are again. I have another JT update to share. I pre-ordered the new album and have been listening to it on iTunes for free. He is killing the music game, per usual. Murder, Anxiety, and Drink You Away are my favorites tracks so far. I predict that Murder will be his next big hit. Mark my words, people. Also, Grey’s is back, which improves my life tenfold. Miranda Bailey, you are my spirit surgeon. But as much as I love the show, I think it’s time for ABC to put the kibosh on it. It’s getting a bit silly now and I’d like to see it end before it gets too ridiculous. Like, more ridiculous than a plane crash and a shooting and a bomb and a power-outage.

Unknown Unknown-1

Music: I’m get more and more sick of Miley Cyrus everyday. Honestly Miley, just go away. Leave us be.  I say that and yet here I am, giving her exactly what she wants, watching her videos and talking about her and giving her all the attention she could ever need. I watched her new video, 23, which I guess is supposed to have something to do with Michael Jordan? Miley, I don’t know much about basketball, but what I do know is that you cannot touch MJ. He is the king of all things and you’re just, well, being Miley. Your tongues are out for very different reasons and we would like for you to keep yours in your mouth.


Wear: I’m really wishing I were more hipster so I could wear this Free People Kaftan. IT’S SO VIBRANT AND SUMMERY AND FAB! Summer, please do not go. We could be really happy together; don’t leave me! Coach has captured my attention recently with their fall shoe line. When I think of Coach, I usually think of those stupid mini-purses with the colorful coach “C” all over it. Please tell me what they carried and why the heck it was necessary to carry one into the middle school cafeteria. Coach is killing it this season, particularly with the Honey Bootie. I’m kind of dying for these.


Eat: I need this Tex-Mex Spaghetti Squash with Black Bean Guacamole right now. I’m on a black bean kick right now (I actually always eat them so I don’t know if it’s a kick as much as it a lifestyle) and add them to everything. So filling and nutritious and wonderful. I suggest black beans with a little parmesan and Sriracha; so tasty. Also, I can get down with these Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes With Avocado Frosting.  Healthy and chocolately? I cannot say no.


Musings: If you’re a person with eyes or ears, you’ve read or heard about the diet that supposedly solves all health problems and makes you fit and healthy and awesome. Drum roll please…THE PALEO DIET! Hazzaaaaaaah. I’ve considered it before but then I’m like, nah, I like black beans and cheese and oatmeal. And I don’t think cavemen had those things. I found myself thinking about trying the diet on Friday morning; Friday afternoon, I found this article, titled A Caveman’s Response To The Paleo DietI found myself laughing at we humans for acting like we know about the caveman’s diet. Like, did cavemen eat filets of salmon and thinly sliced onions? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no. We do not live the caveman life and need to stop acting like it. I understand that we have the tools now to take the caveman’s diet up a notch, but we shouldn’t call it the caveman’s diet if that’s not what it is. We have so much delicious food at our fingertips and I think we really ought to take advantage of how lucky we are. I say no to you, paleo diet. I’ll take my peanut butter and processed dark chocolate, thanks.


Where: The Hotel Cipriani in Venice. This looks pretty sweet and I’d like to spend the rest of my life there. Like, look at the suites. I see us all being very happy there, popping olives and sipping wine and tasting cheeses and being classy. Also, the hotel was in Casino Royale. If it’s good enough for Daniel Craig, you know I’ll take it.


Wishing you a wonderful week! To those who will be watching Revenge tonight, happy watching! I hope you don’t get as confused as I inevitably will.



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