I’m Hung Up On

Music: JT has a new song out so you should probably buy it right now. Speaking of JT, he is on the cover of the NY Times Men’s Fall Fashion issue. Also, thoughts on Avicii’s new album? I’m digging it so far. I like that although Avicii’s music is put in the dance category, it’s not too techy. I don’t feel like I have to be an EDM freak to enjoy it.


Eat: Dying for these Fudgy Brownie Bites. Healthy and fudgy and raw and delicious?! What could be better? I vote we make these and play chubby bunny with them. Comment if you’re in. Also, as if we needed more reasons to make Lentil Soup.  I could definitely get down with Korean Glass Noodles with Vegetables from Hungry Girl Poor Vida. I’d like to eat a big ol’ bowl of these. One more link to make your mouth water: 200 Healthy Dorm Recipes, for my friends living that college dorm-kitchen life! Simple and healthy is key, mis amigos.


Wear: I’m kind of dying over these smoking flats from Burberry. But since I don’t exactly have $500 to spend on, well, anything right now, I may have to snatch up J.Crew’s suede loafers, which are much closer to my price range. Hey, I haven’t gotten new shoes in a while and I’ve done well so far this semester and I deserve something nice. Also, all of my flats smell freakishly bad, which is likely due to my perpetually funky feet. When you work out on a daily basis, your feet tend to get a little nasty. No shame in my stank.


Musings: My latest obsession: The Chalkboard Mag. As Pressed Juicery’s portal into online health and wellness, TCM is my new go-to for nutrition tips, expert advice, and all things detox. In other musings news, a friend sent me this hilarious “Surviving Whole Foods” article. It’s all so true; I am shocked by how much I can spend on oats, veggie burgers, and frozen veggies, I’ve never met a poor person with special diet needs (are lactose intolerance and Celiac disease creations of the 1%?), and that parking lot is crazier than post-Yankee game traffic. Also, 8 Plausible Reasons To Stay In Bed, Eat and Watch Netflix All Day. #3 is too true.

Where: Sweet Green, specifically their new Back Bay location. My new go-to for healthy, delicious food, SG is committed to sourcing organic and local ingredients for their salads, wraps, and juices. The cherry on top? They have froyo too! All a gal could ever want. My salad literally blew my mind; arugula, sweet potato, chicken, quinoa, goat cheese, red grapes, spicy broccoli and balsamic vinegar. My friend got the guacamole greens salad as a wrap and loved every bite. It was the best thing I’ve eaten in a very long time, as most of my diet these days consists of sweet potatoes, black beans, and spinach.

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Enjoy your week!



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